Transformers: Victory

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Transformers: Victory

Set in 2025 A.D., Transformers Victory introduces Star Saber, the mightiest Cybertron warrior and the greatest swordsman in the galaxy. The Destrons are continuing to invade planets throughout the universe, so the Cybertrons have joined with the humans to form the Space Defense Force, with Star Saber as its leader. Leading the Destrons is Deathzaras, who has targeted Earth as the next planet to plunder...

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Ever wondered what would happen if the original generation of Transformers fused with more classic mecha formulas like Getter Robo? The answer is Transformers Victory. And although Getter Robo is famous for being very innovating for the time it came out, Victory is in fact far worse because it is far less than what the original offered.For starters, although even the original show was for kids, it still had some aspects of horror and mystery in it. Victory throws all that out of the window by having completely childish and predictable stories. But this is just only a small problem of how bad the story is. To the most part it is stand-alone missions and it has six recap episodes. Six! For a story that hardly exists or goes anywhere! The only changes there are is of course more robots and weapons being introduced, which as fun as it sounds does not count as much of a development plot-wise. Other than that, it’s just the bad robots trying to steal energy and the good robots trying to stop them. And despite the dozens of failures, in the end the villains manage to create a doomsday although they hardly had the energy or resources to make it. Makes absolutely no sense. Heck, the total number of episodes makes no sense. They are normally 44 but the story ends in 37. The rest are just random specials. Minus the recaps you are left with 31. That is, 29 fillers plus the beginning and the end. Even the characters don’t mean much as the leaders of the Cybertronians and the Destrons (those are their Japanese names) are just pale imitations of Optimus and Megatron. The side characters lack the variety or interest of those in the original. No scheming Starscream or fast as lightning talking Blur. Heck, most are there just as comic relief. The animation is far worse than the original too. The robots are drawn the exact same way but they hardly move. They have really jerky movements. Also, the transformation sequences are spammed on each episode to a degree that rivals Sailor Moon. And the weapons. They appear out of nowhere! How cheap is that?Now the music. The main theme is catchy although the lyrics suck ass. It repeats during the battles as well and so it gets tiresome really fast. The ending theme is totally passable. Voice acting is… childish. Seriously, many characters sound like little kids and the rest repeat the words “protect the Earth” every 5 minutes. How many times can you stand the same kiddy voice yelling how to protect love and justice and defeat evil? The original had simple dialogues too but not THAT silly.In all it’s a terrible spin-off and there is no reason to watch it if you are familiar with the original. There is nothing in it worthy of your time.

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