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Centuries ago, humanity carelessly ravaged the Earth’s environment, forcing them to leave and form a colony elsewhere. To prevent the same mistakes from happening again, they allow a supercomputer to run their lives. Children are genetically engineered and at the age of fourteen take ‘adulthood exams’, a process whereby the supercomputer ensures they are suitable for membership in this perfect society. Those who pass have their memories erased and are guided into the next stage of their life; those who fail are immediately destroyed. Jomy is a boy about to take his adulthood exams, but things go terribly wrong when a man wreathed in light interrupts the process. He is a Mu -- an aberration, a new generation of human with extraordinary powers usually detected and eliminated by the supercomputer. This man tells Jomy he too is a Mu and introduces him to the Mu society. They are a rebel group in hiding from the oppressive human regime, who live in the hope that they will find a life of peace on Earth some day. Can Jomy leave behind all that he has known, come to terms with his awakening powers, and help the Mu return to their beloved Terra?

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VivisQueen's avatar
VivisQueen Nov 4, 2007
Score 8/10

This series is a lot like dynamite - it's not much to look at at first, but stick a fire under it and it packs a whole lot of punch! Although brilliantly plotted overall, Toward the Terra makes the single mistake of taking too long to build up, risking losing a lot of potential fans and probably making it 2007's most un-talked about phenomenon. Anyone considering this anime should persevere until... read more

therik's avatar
therik Feb 11, 2010
Score 4/10

I've never been a real sci-fi buff, but I always had the general opinion that technology is cool and that the future is definitely going to be awesome. I say "had", because Toward the Terra - presumably on behalf of a particularly resourceful Luddite lobby - stepped up to shatter my utopian illusions and present a vision of the future so utterly drab that I feel entitled to add... read more

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Toward the Terra
  • Movie (1 ep)
  • 1980

Both the Toward the Terra movie and TV series are based on the original manga. The movie more closely follows the manga, while the TV series introduces a large amount of new content and character development.

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To Terra
  • Vol: 3
  • 1976 - 1980

Between the Toward the Terra movie and TV series, the movie is the closest adaptation of the manga. The TV series adds a substantial amount of new content and character development.

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Original Manga
Terra Formars: The Outer Mission (Light Novel)
  • Vol: 3
  • 2014

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