Toward the Terra

Movie (1 ep x 115 min)
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Five hundred years ago, mankind abandoned Earth after the devastation it caused on her soil. For efficiency, and to make sure not to repeat the same mistakes, men are now grown in test tubes and have their minds reprogrammed at the tender age of fourteen, so that they may better function in society. The central computer known as Universal Control manages the system, destroying those that deviate. And amongst these humans is Jomy Marcus Shin, a young man who is about to be dubbed a traitor once they discover he is a Mu, a monster with telepathic powers that will disrupt their way of life...

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Episode 1

Toward the Terra

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sothis Aug 7, 2005
Score 5.5/10

Anyone who knows me would also know how much this kind of story would interest me, and they'd be correct. I sought out this movie for quite awhile just based on the premise of the plot, and finally found it. Indeed, the story itself is fantastic, sounding like it could have come out of a science fiction novel, or has elements from a lot of movies and books out there. It starts off strong... read more

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Toward the Terra TV
  • TV (24 eps)
  • 2007

Both the Toward the Terra movie and TV series are based on the original manga. The movie more closely follows the manga, while the TV series introduces a large amount of new content and character development.

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To Terra
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Between the Toward the Terra movie and TV series, the movie is the closest adaptation of the manga, though it does introduce minor changes.

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Terra Formars: The Outer Mission (Light Novel)
  • Vol: 3
  • 2014

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