Towanoquon Movie 5: The Return of the Invincible

Alt title: Towa no Quon Movie 5: Souzetsu no Raifuku

Movie (1 ep x 48 min)
3.891 out of 5 from 2,153 votes
Rank #1,572
Towanoquon Movie 5: The Return of the Invincible

With their home in jeopardy, some feel it is time to abandon the gardens. A new character steps in, one that Quon knows very well. The end is near, the players are set, and the final battle is about to begin!

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Towanoquon: How Convenient. I Mean Towanoquon: The Return of the Invincible. Story - 4/10 Since we're getting near the end of our series they need to start uncovering all the players and wrapping things up. But instead they just decide to run in a new direction. That direction seems to be a series of comics that have been around for decades about Men, men with X type powers. Yeah basically we've watched this whole series just to see this is the origin story for X-Men, and not even hinting at it, but pretty much the exact plot for Magneto's vision versus Professor X's vision. Well I guess they changed it a bit, as their Magneto has Rogue's powers instead. They even managed to throw in the obscure X-Men named Cortez as an excuse for Quan's behavior as a child. The one part that did seem to be intriguing, about the stereotypical evil leadership being in cahoots with the Attractors, went no where with little time left to fill in the blanks. They really managed to blend convenient and lazy together nicely. Animation - 6/10 Somehow the series took a steep turn down a cliff when it came to the installment. Gone were the stunning visuals from the first few films, and added were the terribly simplistic faces and messy action scenes. From the start animation was this series' strong suit, but this time around they dropped the ball. Sound - 4/10 Like the visuals, the sound was pretty mundane. Nothing new from the first four features. Characters - 2/10 The character rating for this episode is low because, as I mentioned in the story section, they've completely given up on not being a Marvel ripoff.  The change in Epsilon is becoming interesting, but the other characters just seem to sit there as useless statues with nothing to add to the story. With twenty plus characters you'd think more than one would be entertaining. Overall - 4/10 Everything seemed to be on an upward trajectory for this series, but it hit a brick wall when it came to this film. It really seems as if the writers left or they just had little more than an idea when it came to what Towa no Quon was, never a plan on how they'd finish it.

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