Touka Gettan

TV (26 eps)
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Two thousand years ago, the stone sword known as Sekiken was involved in a tragedy that plunged the land of Kamitsumihara into chaos. Now, in the present, all the elements needed to perform a ritual to cleanse the land and end the endless cycle of reincarnation are available. Kamiazuka Touka, current holder of the Sekiken, meets Kawakabe Momoka, a young girl and reincarnate of the tragedy. During their brief time together, they must uncover the truth behind past events, try to lead a normal life, and learn what it’s like to be human.

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Fireaxe Oct 11, 2009
Score 8.5/10

Originally posted on on January 22nd 2009Story Summarizing the story of Touka Gettan in just a few lines is practically impossible, in this review I’ll tell you just what you need to know about it. Kamitsumihara is a fantastic ground where magic, destiny and tradition played a major part in the history... read more



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