Too Cute Crisis

Alt title: Kawaisugi Crisis

TV (12 eps)
3.441 out of 5 from 611 votes
Rank #7,545

Liza Luna has been dispatched to Earth by the space empire Azatos. At first, she thought that it would be fine to destroy the Earth, since it has a low level of civilization. However, after stopping at a cafe, she encounters a cat and is shocked by her cuteness.

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Synergy SP’s 2023 sci-fi comedy features a reasonably-cool central idea that could be right out of the mind of comic genius Douglas Adams. You can just imagine Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect coming across a race of homicidal aliens hell bent on destroying the human race just because ET have no cute fluffy pets in their universe. Coming to Earth and experiencing a Cat Café would be pretty mind-blowing for these aliens. So mind-blowing in fact that they would fear that cute fluffy animals are mankind’s secret defensive weapon. Enter said alien Liza Luna representing the empire of the Azatos. She has two researchers Garumi Lou and Rasta Cole. Together they set out to discover human pets and attempt to keep this “secret weapon” from their commander back on the mothership in orbit. Yes it is a one-gag anime but it is a good gag. The aliens inevitably end up getting pets themselves and we get to see them through the eyes of these extraterrestrials. For example, Liza cannot get over the fact that all dogs are the same species of canine. These ETs find themselves making human friends quickly and easily with various pet-lovers they bump into in their aborted invasion. The humans realise their new friends are aliens but this doesn’t seem to faze anybody. It is equally strange that this genocidal race of ETs (who found the Earth and its inhabitants so worthless of surviving) so easily had their minds changed. Liza goes straight from thinking that she would wipe all life off the planet to “oo cute!”. That doesn’t seem very convincing. There seems to be an opportunity for a great slice of social commentary missed there. Having Liza scream every time her cats does something unexpected does wear a bit thin at times but the central gag holds strong. Simply a great idea well executed. Quite funny to-boot.


I always like animes with a bit of instructional content built in.  In this case of Too Cute Crisis (Kawaisugi Crisis, Synergy-2023), the relationship of pet owners and their pets (and their secrets ... er, that of the pet owners, but don't underestimate the power of the pet!) seems to be the series strong point. It surely wasn't the plot. In short, the Azatoth Empire which spans the cosmos is set to invade and dispatch planet Earth.  And the world's saviors ... those courageous and down-right cute kitty-witties, puppy-wuppies, and bunny-wunnies, with an assist from those understated alien assassins, the hamsters and hedgehogs. Instructional content can build an anime series if it fits with a strong storyline.  Chihayafuru taught me the basics of karata, a card game for those super strategists.  Long Riders gave insight to long distance biking.  Shirobako and Bakuman revealed the intriguing lives of animators and mangaka.  But Too Cute Crisis?  Story in short: an alien like Lucy Luna or Capt. Fulpulring encounter cat Yozora and self-destructive in a pile of kawaii inspired protoplasm.  Over twelve episodes, which was twelve more encounters one might find tolerable, the Azatoth Empire is held at bay.  And then, the season ending revelation that the bold adventurers from a galaxy far, far away (but not far enough) could still extend the battle against cute animals one more season? Horrors! If so, let's not hold back!  Bring on the lions and tigers and bears!  Stick Lucy Luna with a Gila monster (oh, what a pretty smile ... ouch, it bit me) or a Komodo dragon (such a big fellow ... what does it eat?).  Let's not wait for Shark Week for the Azatoth Empire Beach Fest to be ruined. Season Two of Too Cute Crisis?!?  Doesn't the Azatoth Empire (or Synergy SP) know anything of mercy? The animation was cruel enough, unimaginative as that was.  The music ... so someone can rap in cat, what of it?  Call Too Cute Crisis what it is, a massive failure to be cute at all!

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