Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

Alt title: Tonari no Seki-kun

TV (21 eps x 8 min)
3.837 out of 5 from 6,584 votes
Rank #1,915

During class, a schoolboy named Seki-kun is always creating new ways to entertain himself. Even Yokoi-san, who sits next to Seki-kun, always gets sucked into watching his games!

Source: HIDIVE

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Yokoi Rumi is your typical high school girl, except, she has a rather large problem ... she finds herself seated next to a male classmate named Seki Toshinari ... and no her problem is not that of a romantic nature. Rumi tries to be a diligent student and pay attention in class but finds herself distracted by Seki who everyday brings something to play with during class ... things like an entire dramatic war being played out with shogi pieces, a golf course using the holes in their desks, paper sumo, a robot family, and even building a driving course for an RC car! No matter how hard she tries to ignore Seki-kun so that she can study, she always finds herself drawn into his game, and frequently ends up in trouble with her teachers. Can she get him to put his toys away and pay attention in class? Can she find the willpower to ignore Seki-kun? Watch to find out! xD Tonari no Seki-kun has episodes that average around 7 minutes long in length ... but don't let the length fool you into disregarding this anime as having no plot. Each episode consists of Seki bringing his newest distraction of the day while Rumi attempts to ignore what's going on next to her, failing every time as she finds herself drawn into what he's doing. The plot for each episode was wonderfully done and immensely entertaining! xD The characters basically consist of Rumi and Seki with the occasional appearance or comment from a classmate ... both of the main characters were wonderfully entertaining. It was a wonder to me how entertaining Seki was even though he never said a single word ... not in any of the 21 episodes! The animation was nice, nothing spectacular, mind you, but nicely done all the same. All in all I very much enjoyed this anime! Every episode brought a huge smile to my face and even the occasional laugh! I very much recommend it!


Tonari no Seki-kun is an adaptation of a manga with the same name. I have been reading this for awhile, I have already caught up with the manga already. This anime is very creative and fun anime. This anime is a 7-min and 21 episodes anime, the OVA and special will be releasing soon. Story: 8Tonari no Seki-kun is an anime revolves around Rumi Yokoi and her reaction and narration toward the person she sit next to Toshinari Seki or Seki-kun and his antics. His antics consists on something new every time, and it distracted Rumi from her note taking and sometimes she got in trouble because of his antics, and Seki-kun never gets in trouble. He hasn't been caught because both of them sit in way back, Seki-kun sit by the back corner by the window, and Rumi sit next to him. IDK how he have been caught it called anime logic's. Animation: 8The art is not perfect Kyoto Animation. But from manga to anime, it near perfect the manga and anime have similar art to it and I give a hand to the producer for that. The art for Seki-Kun activities pretty good, expectually the art book one. Sound: 9The main girl Rumi Yokoi voice actor sings the opening of the anime. She basically sing about her reaction toward Seki-kun antics. The opening is pretty good, and the voice actor for Rumi is good but Seki-kun didn't say, but he never say anything in the manga as well. The ending have a drum theme to it, impressive but it didn't get my attention unlike the opening. Character: 10There are two main character of the anime, Rumi Yokoi and Toshinari Seki. I like both of the main character and there designed, I got no beef with the character. They are fun to watch and I have no complaint about the minor character as well. Overall: 9The anime is good time to watch, it's only 7-min long and 21 episode plus the OVA and Special is coming out soon and I can't wait for that.

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