Tomato Man and the Knights of the Salad Table

Alt title: Salad Juu Yuushi Tomatoman

TV (50 eps)
1992 - 1993
3.118 out of 5 from 11 votes
Rank #4,869
Tomato Man and the Knights of the Salad Table

When the wicked Bug-bug gang casts an evil sleep-spell on the beautiful Princess Peach, King Boo-Melon sends for "The Withered Plum," an old hermit believed to have magical powers, to awaken the princess from her deep, eternal sleep.To help protect the king "The Withered Plum" uses his magical powers to create a group of mighty warriors from ordinary fruits and vegetables, the Knights of the Salad Table. Tomato Man, our hero, was the last of the knights to be created by "The Withered Plum."

Source: Enoki Films

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