Tom Sawyer no Bouken

Alt title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

TV (49 eps)
2.637 out of 5 from 684 votes
Rank #6,661

Since the death of their parents, Tom Sawyer and his academic brother Sid have been raised by their aunt Polly in a small village called Saint Petersburg. Tom is a disobedient boy; he gives his aunt a hard time, ditches school to go fishing in the Mississippi River, climbs trees, and plays pirate games with his friend Huck. Although Tom usually does not attend school, he is quite popular among the pupils; even Tom’s crush, the pretty Becky, grows fond of him. Without a care in the world, Tom leads his friends into adventures; from catching boars or solving murders, there’s never a dull day for the intrepid Tom!

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Inu230 Feb 8, 2019
Score 7.5/10

“These are the stories of Tom Sawyer.” The opening introduction is just perfect for the intended audience. It says exactly what it needs to about the show. From tracking a pig that wanders off, being love-sick, fishing on the riverbank, scouring the riverbottom for gold, witnessing a murder, making friends with a feisty horse to shocking the whole town, Tom has quite the childhood. The... read more

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