Tokyo Majin: 2nd Act

Alt title: Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku

TV (12 eps)
3.726 out of 5 from 2,300 votes
Rank #2,789

After Hiyuu and the gang defeated the monsters known as Oni, Shinjuku was safe once more – or at least, it should have been! Soon, the news is filled with reports of several unexplained murders; and what’s worse is that our heroes find themselves attacked by a dark and murderous organization known as “Dancing Swords!” Only those with special powers are being targeted by this shadowy group; can Kyoichi, Hiyuu, Misato and friends be able to survive?

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I'll say this. I've watched both seasons of Tokyo Majin. I bought the DVD on after I watched them all. Believe it or not, my entire family, including my Mother got into watching this one. I couldn't give it a perfect review because  I really felt that the season was not fully realized nor all the characters fully explained or explored.  The main villain, Yagyu Munetaka, was given far too little backstory in comparison to the main villain of the first season. this is because it seems like more of two mini seasons instead of one full on one. The martial fist chapters were far better then the ending chapters. When they get to starting to talk about the Vessel of the Golden Dragon and the four Deities, they really really shortchanged us by only touching on Yuuya Daigo/Byakko and virtually ignoring the three others. Alan Cloud gets very little explaination at all, even though he's added to be the last deity. On a positive note, the ending fight scene is my absolute favorite. It was a fierce battle and you see how each of the main characters have matured as fighters and friends, as you watch them meld into a team. It reminded me of reading the X-men back in the early 80s. You really get a sense of despair when you see this, and Aoi gets her chance to show through as the true hero that she has been from the very beginning. I was really pleased that in the end it was her power that brings them all together and forms that iron resolve that only heroes can forge. You get to see her stand, and I have to admit to watching that final scene several times to savor the emotional content. The final resolution it seems, is yet to be written. I just hope that at some point they will do an OVA or a movie that will give us the closure that we have come to desire in watching these characters. It would be a shame to leave it undone.

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