Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Recap

TV Special (1 ep x 60 min)
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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Recap

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A good recap for those who have seen the series, but not something you’ll want to watch first. Story - 5/10 Being just a condensed version of the series it follows the same story, just in a more simplistic way. They get to each major point, which really takes the story out of the whole equation, instead almost become a bad “Catastrophe” type movie.  You still get the overall plot to the show, but you miss out on so much, such as how Mari’s motherly protection of the children comes from her own time as a mother. Animation - 9/10 One area the movie wasn’t diminished in when shortened was the animation. There obviously wasn’t the same amount of scenery or destruction, but what they kept in still conveyed all they needed to. Sound - 7/10 This version was only available in Japanese, and the for a non-speaker I think they actually did a great job. So often it seems like the creators just get any VO artist to voice a character, so you end up with a twelve year old that was a Yakuza boss in a series from last month, but here all the voices were spot on. They did cut out much of the music from the series, but then again it wasn’t like those songs were a high point for this show. Characters - 6/10 Because of the length of the series we are introduced to very few characters outside of our main trio. That being said, even in the minimal time given you can tell each one’s personality and really get a feeling of who they are in the longer version. Overall - 6/10 This was a series that really succeed because of the interactions between all the strangers around Tokyo, as well as between Mirai and Yuuki, and unfortunatly a lot of that is missing. While they do remove the twist that isn’t a twist but then is a twist again, the way they resolve it feels a little cheesy instead and removes some of the drama for more shock. It’s a nice shortened version of the series you can watch in one sitting to remind you of the story, but without having first seen the whole show you’ll be missing out on so much, as well as possibly ruining your desire to watch the far superior series.

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