Tobe! Kujira no Peek

Alt title: Fly Peek: Peek the Baby Whale

Movie (1 ep x 80 min)
3.231 out of 5 from 38 votes
Rank #11,989
Tobe! Kujira no Peek

The story of an albino whale used in a circus, and the efforts of young children to free him from captivity.

Source: ANN

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Story (7/10) Kai lives in a village near the sea that took his father's life 5 years ago. He still sees that day in his dreams - one of his fathers final acts was tossing Kai his esteemed ocarina used to speak with whales. In the present, after another storm much like the one before, Kai and his little brother discover a white whale calf stuck in a tide pool. It's mother hovers nearby, useless to free it. The brothers enjoy befriending the whale, Peek, until the secret is let out, a sea circus takes Peek, and it's up to Kai to return the whale to its mother. Animation (9/10) Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Withing the first two minutes the soaring seagulls and twisting water tornadoes are captivating and instantly had me impressed. The whales are cute, and everyone else has a pretty appealing and unique style as well! Characters (6/10) Kai is your typical likeable, spirited young boy with a passion to make things right. It's really his fault Peek was captured anyways... but the real test is seeing if he can change the greedy heart of the circus master, who only eyes Peek with money on the mind. His daughter isn't the same as him, since she believed the lie he told that Peek was orphaned and rescued and that she was in the right to keep Peek in the circus. Overall (7/10) The lovechild of Free Willy and Ponyo. Would be an excellent film for those new to anime, younger audiences (although like Ponyo any age could enjoy this) or like seaside settings in a story. 

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