To Your Eternity 2nd Season

Alt title: Fumetsu no Anata e Season 2

TV (20 eps)
2022 - 2023
Fall 2022
4.186 out of 5 from 2,216 votes
Rank #348

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To Your Adaptation tl;dr Read the incredible manga after watching the amazing season one, instead of continuing with this mediocre adaptation of Oima's masterpiece. Unlike my review on the previous season, I don't have quite as much to say about this one, except to air my complaints on how badly the director and studio change has burned me. The first season is my favorite anime of all time and the manga is my favorite manga of all time. The first season made excellent use of pacing, music, and dialogue to set a fantastic atmosphere which was easily a big part of why I liked it. The director of this season, however, Kiyoko Sayama, has completely butchered that, using the amazing OST to horrible effect and butchering the pacing, trying to squeeze 68 chapters into 20 episodes at an outragouesly bad ratio. There are montages in this season that all have the same backing track through the scenes despite the tone of the story changing drastically throughout them, making these scenes feel even more badly paced than they are, with a homogenous sense of time progression that offers no variation. The pacing itself ranges from pretty good to downright awful, speeding through important character moments and emotional moments with all the grace and artistry of a NASCAR race. It butchered one of my favorite moments in the manga and it continues to butcher what could be a series of amazing moments in the story to the time of writing this. That said, even a bad adaptation can't do much to hurt the incredible story of To Your Eternity so that still shines through quite a bit despite Sayama's total and complete incompetence. So, in short, please read the manga. Don't watch this after watching season one. Start with chapter 55 after watching ep 20 of season one. 7/10


I try to be critical of this show, as it is not anything near perfect, but personally To Your Eternity is my new favorite manga and imo has the most intriguing, surprising and touching stories ever. I recommend this anime with all my heart, even though some people might like it less than season 1. What you might like: An intriguing story and world building, breaking the conventions of season 1, twists and turns, revelations, new compelling supporting cast, the world starting to know about Fushi, more revelations about Nokkers, asking questions about life, death, eternal life and what it means to be human.  What is different from season 1: Longer arcs, more focus on Fushis role and abilities, breaks the formula, longer set up, tragedy takes a back seat in place of more action, strategy and drama, worse animation and scenes not directed or storyboarded to quite the same perfection. The question of what it means to be human takes less focus, and we shift focus to especially life and death. Animation: the first couple of episodes were a little flat, but it wasn't before a handful of episodes were out i really noticed the many cut corners. Gone are the beautiful action scenes from season 1, and now even shots of characters look derpy from time to time. There are many not too beautiful compositions and even an instance of the wrong character moving their mouth once. Sound: To Your Eternity keeps many of the same beautiful tracks as season 1, but nothing musically stuck with me. I might even have certain scenes where I disagree with the vibe of the song and what happens, just slightly. Nothing bad or amazing stands out though. Characters: Season 2 has some reoccurring characters from season 1, but for the most part give us a new character cast with plenty of time to flesh them out. I thought especially the main supporting cast were given interesting dilemmas and conflicts, toeing the line of characters you root for and get mad at or fear.  Overall, amazing story, great anime but it deserved to be an amazing one as well. I'd say read the manga, but if you only watch anime then you must make sure to watch season 2 (and season 3), especially if you feel like you don't want season 2 to just be a repeat or extension of season 1. 

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