To Love Ru

To Love Ru Episode 8 - (Sub) The Prefect of Spotless Integrity

Yui convinces the principal to allow her to set some rules for moral behavior at school and creates an enforcement squad. Rito comes under Yui’s special attention, as she suspects that he is the one behind the corruption of good and decent values.

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(Sub) The Prefect of Spotless Integrity

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xkub4 xkub4 says

Both are harem romances and comedies. In both you can find characters from not normal world, for example female main characters - vampire and girl from other planet.

Zemunasu Zemunasu says

In both anime you can find a great deal on weird and strange girls. The love is there, the ecchi sets the mood, and one happens to be a vampire while the other an alien. Splindid!

funtoo2 funtoo2 says

Both of the main characters are unfortunate human guys who find themselves with a female girl who has pink hair and who isn't human. Both series are romance comedies, and I totally recommend both!



On a day that seemed ordinary, a spaceship crash landed in Tokyo bay, filled to the brim with beautiful aliens that would come to be known as DearS. Since that day, though all of Japan seems to have gone DearS-crazy, one high school boy named Takeya it still not impressed by the phenomenon. But things change for Takeya when he finds a lone DearS girl on the...

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Silenced Silenced says

if you like To Love Ru then you will also like DearS, both the animes have funny and exiting parts in them. Also like in To Love Ru, DearS has a normal guy that are visited by an alien girl.......AND THEY ARE BOTH THERE TO STAY!!!

Zemunasu Zemunasu says

Just think to be a normal guy and all of a sudden your visted by a sexy alien that's all over you like bees on honey. Both anime are funny and contains ecchi with a hint of alien in it.

SiMiK SiMiK says

Both have female aliens that somehow with a kiss ( or touching breasts :D) start to have some strange relationship with a human boy

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

The ordinary becomes extraordinary, as our protagonist Mahiro Yasaka – an average high school student – suddenly encounters a Nyarlathotep: a formless Cthulhu deity of chaos, who decides to take form as a silver-haired human-like alien. This Nyarlathotep – aptly named Nyarko – may seem like a normal gal, but there’s much more to...

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Zaig Zaig says

All a guy wants to do is live a peaceful life/confess to the girl he likes, but due to an energetic alien who falls in love with him and her crazy shenanigans, his plans are shattered and his life never without an eventful moment. Random hostile/stupid alien encounters on Earth and ecchiness are abound in both of these romantic-comedies, so I'm sure you'll like the other.

konalol konalol says

In both shows the protagonists - Normal Male Students - want a peaceful, rather uneventful and happy life. However, they both encounter a strange, yet cute alien who falls in love with them, making their lives full of fighting against weird creatures and alien overlords. The shows are full of ecchi, comedy and romance. I think if you liked one you should totally check out the other one I'm sure you'd enjoy!

Htieks Htieks says

Crazy aliens everywhere. And they all gather around this one random guy. Yeah, these two series really have no plot, but are a continuous cycle of comedic scenes, with bizarre characters everywhere. To-love-ru is also chock full of fanservice, whilst Nyaruko-san replace that with an insane amount of references to japanese culture in general. The latter is also infinitely funnier, so if for some reason you liked To-Love-ru, there is really no reason to avoid its improved rival.