To Love Ru: Darkness

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2012
4.083 out of 5 from 9,111 votes
Rank #1,181
To Love Ru: Darkness

Rito Yuuki has more women in his life than he knows what to do with. In case it wasn’t enough to have all three Devilukean princesses under one roof, he now has alien girls from all over the galaxy attending his school, too! But when the arrival of a mysterious red-haired girl threatens one of their own, Rito and the girls must stand up to a powerful adversary- the likes of which they’ve never seen before.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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This show is amazing, especially for an ecchi-harem. Hell, I'm judt going to say it: This is my favorite anime of all time. LET ME EXPLAIN WHY. The characters are amazing and beyond lovable, the story while little is very relaxed and casual, the animation is surprisingly beautiful at times, and the fanservice is as enjoyable as the likes of Highschool DxD and Heaven's Lost Property (that is to say, very enjoyable) While the show/manga is by no means for everyone, it hits a chord with me for being what it is. Perverted and naughty, yes, but at the same time heartfelt, sweet warm, fuzzy, and gentle at its core. When it's cute, it's adorable. When it's happy, it's joyous. And when it's likable, it's lovable. At least for people who can take it for what it is and appreciate the kind of subtle niceness that radiates from it. While it does have a few problems, the main protagonist more than makes up for all of them. Rito Yuuki is a sweet, caring, and frankly inspiring main lead no matter what more callous viewers may say about him. His innocence and bashful nature and appealing to the max, his personality is that of an angel's (for the most part), and he's just perfect boyfriend/best friend material to anyone looking for a genuinely nice person.  While the fanservice may get a bit carried away, and the story may be a bit slow at times, it's still an enjoyable ride from beggining to end; being as nice and laid-back as a tunnel of love ride. And for a romance anime, that's the kind of feeling you want. 


Here We Go, To Love-RU Darkness. Lets Start: For an individual as myself who loves this series with a desire and will and can cherish it for the rest of my life-cycle, Darkness, in a way, let me down. Aside From The Nudity, Ecchi and Harem in it,  The Story did progress, but not significantly, it only really explained some details in it and that's it. And on that note, Cliff Hanger at the end, not impressed with that, at ALL. The Reason i was ticked off with this, is due to the fact that so much in the story can and has to be explained, it basically left a big portion of the Story and left it out for the time being. And Quoted from LaserKing: "What's The Point Then?" Seriously, again aside from the Ecchi, Nudity, Harem and Comedy in it, This season is really just pointless, Seriously, and it kills me to say that. We Can Now Go On Side With The Ecchi, Nudity n All. The Ecchi in this season does keep in tact with the first season, but a little more though. When i say this, i'm talking about Lala's Inventions; Like in one of the episode's, one of her inventions consist of a increasive breast size, literally, can't sweat that enough. Or the good ol gender bender invention's, and yes, there are more than 1 of these, Look back in the First OVA and you'll know what im talking about. But yes, the Gender Bender invention, which we go from Rito, to Riko. I May also believe that Darkness was the first season in the series that introduced Nudity as well. For me, this was a interesting feature they introduced, and for others, not so much. I'm not going to get into detail with this either, as i wnat this to be friendly as possible *wink wink*, But All i'm going to say about this, is that I like it. The Characters all stay the same, one by one, and some others were introduced. Like Mea, Nemesis, Tearju and some others. And it is unique how the newly introduced characters in this series take a major role in the story (not going to go there) as well, and their not just side characters or what not, and that amazed and surprised me alot. Animation does not need explaining, cause like 720p or 1080p high resolution video is good enough for me. Sound, is Fucking amazing and superb as always XD, more clear now though, thats good XD. NotesL With The Announcement of a sequel of Darkness, I just praise that the story does advance and that it explains, not some, but alot of the story, other than just leaving it there.


This is my first review and I'm writing it, because noone else has done that yet. This review doesn't contain spoilers, since even explaining the premise would deprive you of half the plot. Whether you like or hate this will depend on what you expect. That also means it's pointless to cover animation or sound separately. Although "To Love-Ru: Darkness" is a sequel to 26 episodes "To Love-Ru", 6 episodes OVA and 12 episodes "Motto To Love-Ru", I noticed (and watched) this one first, only then continuing at the beginning. Believe it or not, I really didn't even notice having "missed" that much. After having watched the rest, that impression seems justified. If you haven't watched any To Love-Ru and want to see if you like it based on one or two episodes, I would even recommend trying this one first. I didn't really like "To Love-Ru" that much, and hated "Motto" (the only episode where anything at all happens is the last one, the rest I found just painfully boring). The way I see it this series is basically very silly, very censored porn (there is an uncensored version). It does have some sci-fi elements, but those are an even less important than in the original series. That said, I watched all of it (the censored version, which uses white "light" (quite a lot of it) to cover things up), and - stay with me on this one - couldn't loose the feeling the people who made this wanted exactly that and knew what they were doing. So if very silly porn (censored or not, you decide) is what you're looking for, you should find this entertaining. If you're tired of ecchi titles with little more than irrelevant panty-shots (and no plot to make up for that), this one at least tries to mix things up a bit and some of the explicit content actually affects the "story" (not much, but still). That is pretty much non-existent in "To Love-Ru" (which follows a rather different concept, one might argue) and in my opinion benefits this sequel, making it better than the original and surely better than "Motto". This sequel still has most typical elements of high school harem-ecchi anime: Passive and "nice" (that is to say: "depending on anime and situation either stupid as shit or total asshole") male "lead": Rito Yuuki, who in this case, even more so than in "To Love-Ru", can hardly be counted as a person, (let alone someone you would expect to be getting the displayed amount of attention under circumstances in any way related to real life. You're so used to that, why do I even bother saying it...) Above-average amount of Nudity, mostly due to extremely ridiculous events leading to people loosing their clothes and landing on top of each other, which sooner or later should reach the point of "annoying" for many viewers. (For those familiar with "To Love-Ru": many of their ideas in this respect continue to use Lala's "inventions"). However, occasionally there are explicit scenes caused by deliberate actions of the characters that actually matter to the plot. This is the main reason why I think it's by far the best "To Love-Ru" series. It's just isn't something that's done a lot. I wonder why. Am I really the only one who expects a "romance" anime to have something to do with non-platonic human relationships? no proper ending. Although they could easily have put one in the last episode they deliberately chose not to. (you're used to that, so it might still be more satisfying than you expect) Things, that "if you understand why they think that's necessary please share your wisdom" Featuring (I assume you know what I mean): The "Tentacle-Thing", the "Accidental-Engagement-Thing" (significantly less important than in "To Love-Ru", which in my opinion was a good decision. Especially since this took care of a few contradictions in the original plot by simply not mentionening them again.), the "Violence-Thing" (less than average and there aren't any real tsundere characters, also a decision I liked), the "Angry-Mob-Thing" (and of course along with that the "Groupie-Thing". Less of both and less annoying than in the original), "Fierce characters with gore-filled childhoods opening up and finding friends" (Quite a bit of that actually. More than the original. I don't think a harem-ecchi title really needs that, but I guess it makes for "plot". Oh well...) I find some things this "To Love-Ru: Darkness" didn't have interesting. I would go so far as to say that it's less annoying than average ecchi-harem shows. That also means: Less annoying than in the original title. Less than average self-parody!! I really hate self-parody. If you think parts of your show deserve parodying, just don't put them in, instead making fun of your own show! It's a ridiculous comedy already. The "correct" amount of ridiculousness is of course a matter of taste. "To Love-Ru: Darkness" is quite silly. I imagine Atsushi Ootsuki actually spent most of his time trying to ban ultimate stupidity on screen. Mind you, that's not an unusual approach, the main question is: how annoying is the result? In my opinion (and I will keep repeating that) less annoying than the original. (Someone new to the genre might still suspect most of the budget was spent on dope, but "To Love-Ru Darkness" appears to have quite decent production value nevertheless, so that assumption seems flawed) Less silly large-scale destruction that doesn't affect the story and other things you just have to accept without an explanation. (For example in "To Love-Ru": "Oh, look at that, they're still alive" or "Oh, nobody gives a shit about the world being blown up") I understand that things like that are meant to be funny, which is achieved by deliberately not making sense. However, in my opinion not all of these jokes really worked in "To Love-Ru", and much less in "Motto". (Some others sure were hilarious) Significantly less unbearably silly references to movies and other anime. (I guess there are people who like that. Jurassic Park meets Flintstones vs King Kong vs Amazones featured in the original was too much for me though.) Less (but still) annoying soundtrack Not episodic !! (other than the original. And "Motto" – I'm not even going to...) and thus significantly less generic situations (like school-events, beach episodes, cultural festivals, and other clichés) Facit: I will leave it at that. If this wasn't enough to give you an impression, you'll save time by watching it instead. Now to the mandatory rating between 1 and 10. I gave it a 2.5/5 in the custom list, but here Im going to give it an 8/10. In terms of what the genre has to offer, this one is just nowhere as boring as those cheesy teen-romance shows that have a confession at the start, a breakup at the end, and actually nothing at all inbetween suggesting there has been any kind of relationship (and barely anything at all, really). If you liked the Original, (or have liked "Motto" and OVAs and now hate me for my sincerity), I guess you should be blown away by this (and maybe even wake up in the process).

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