To Heart 2 AD OVA

Alt title: To Heart 2 AD

OVA (2 eps x 29 min)
3.445 out of 5 from 701 votes
Rank #6,051

Takaki is back, but with a troublesome problem: he has amnesia! His friends don’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation, trying to convince Takaki of a variety of things: he’s the lover of Manaka, the servant of Yuma-san, and owes Kouji money?! With confusion in his heart, Takaki passes from girl to girl as they try to claim him for their own; and together, the gang tries to help Takaki remain as happy as possible during this difficult time. However, soon Takaki will figure out what happened to make him lose his memory, and it seems to involve Tamaki…

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