To Heart

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Hiroyuki Fujita's only distinguishing trait appears to be his perpetual laziness... but he has something about him that lets him make friends with girls easily, and has a kind side that his childhood friend Akari loves. Follow their 'everyday adventures' in high school with this light schoolkid comedy.

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Story: I'd heard a lot of good things about series 2 of this, so I thought I'd watch series 1, even though I'd heard it wasn't as good as series 2, but in all honesty I didn't expect it to be so bad as it was, and I'm not a harsh judge, I usually rate quite highly, but this is the one exception. This kind of story I usually just eat up- being a total nerd and loving my life at school, stories of high school, everday adventures and blossoming romance I just eat up, but the story in this I waited the whole series to see (Thank the lord it was only 13 episodes long, I was dying by the end of it) and when I finally got to the end, after slaving away to finish this series, the ending was a dissappointment for me and didn't fulfil what it seemed to set out to do at all. The pink haired main girl and the main guy, Hiroyuki, spend all the series planning to confess to each other, nothing happened throughout all the series, then in the last 5 minutes of the show they confess. But was it a heated, pulse-quickening confession? No, I'm sad to say it wasn't. It was more of a casual conversation then a quick ''Oh, by the way I love you'' and then the other character was like ''Oh yeah? I like you too'' then they went back to casual conversation then BAM! Ending credits. And thats about the only story in it. Animation: This was about averagae-not amazing yet not bad, just...average. Close ups of the faces of the characters looked quite impressive, but like I say, nothing to shout about. Its nothing superb by any means. Characters: These were one of the things what also made this anime drag on, despite being so short. The characters, although a good range of them, were all the same: boring. The only thing that stuck out about the main girl was her hair, her sporty best friend was just ''meh'' in my opinion, and Hiroyuki just irritated me throughout the whole story for having such an ''I can't be bothered'' attitude toward EVERYTHING and anything. I really don't see what Little-Miss-Pink-Hair saw in that guy. The only character that showed any minor promise to me, and other people who watched it at the same time as me when reading comments on other websites, was the little green haired robot girl, but even then I can't remember her name. She was the only one who seemed to show an inkling of personality, but her screen time was limited. Overall: This anime really isn't anything to write home about- theres almost no story, and not in a good way like Azumanga Daioh or Lucky Star, this is definintely in a bad way. The characters have no personalities and all I can say is, I really hope ToHeart2 IS better and doesn't make the same mistakes its predecessor did.

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