Time Bokan

TV (61 eps)
1975 - 1976
3.084 out of 5 from 103 votes
Rank #14,638
Time Bokan

Dr. Keida has successfully invented a time machine called Time Bokan, and to prove to his lab assistants that it works, he uses himself as the guinea pig. The test run was a success as it traveled through time and space within a matter of minutes, but when the device returns the lab assistants are surprised to discover that the doctor is missing, and only a talking parrot and a diamond are found...

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This is the oldest anime comedy I watched as a kid and it was very funny back in those years where Road Runner and Tom & Jerry were the only antagonists. STORY: 3/10 A scientist experimenting on a time machine is accidentally lost in time and his granddaughter and aids have to search in time in order to find him. In the same time, a band of silly villains plan to destroy the time machine and get the professor for themselves, so they can be the only time travelers left and spread evil deeds throughout history. On every episode, the team searches a different time period (prehistoric age, wild west, etc.) and fights the villains and/or local bad guys of that time. Story continuity is almost non-existent.Nothing much can be found in the scenario. It is just an excuse for time traveling and comedy to occur on every episode.CHARACTER: 5/10 - The good guys in the series are a bunch of dorky kids and funny robots. Completely boring and uninteresting. - The bad guys on the other hand are a far funnier version of Team Rocket from Pokemon. They are so hilariously stupid and selfish to the point of overshadowing the good guys. - There is no character development or unique personality in the characters. None of them is worth remembering. The jokes are a different story.ART: 5/10, SOUND: 4/10 It is a low-budget production even for it time. Extremely lazy animation and silly songs; although most mecha are drawn in very comical ways and there is variety as far as enviroments goes, as each episode takes place in a different era. ENJOYMENT SECTION: 5/10 - The jokes are mostly mediocre slapstick and are hardly funny if you have seen many modern comedies.- The mecha battles (yes, there are mecha battles between the time machines) are usually interesting to look at for some time because they have an interesting array of attacks. VALUE SECTION: 5/10 Japanese people have this series of high regard; the several remakes of it are the proof. For me, I will stick to the “Delorian struck by a thunder” version of the story.VERDICT: 4.5 / 10 In general, it is more silly than funny. Only seasoned viewers will probably appreciate its retro magic.

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