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In Sternbild City, people of all races and ethnicities live alongside humans with superhuman abilities called NEXT, who use their NEXT abilities to maintain peace. Heroes wear sponsor logos, help solve crimes and save people in order to improve the image of their companies and acquire hero points. Their activities are broadcast on the popular show "Hero TV," where the heroes try to climb the annual rankings and aim to be the "King of Heroes." Kaburagi T. Kotetsu and Barnaby Brooks Jr. continue their hero activities to boost the image of their company, Apollon Media, as well as maintain peace. The hero system that originated in Sternbild City has now been adopted in places around the world. As more and more heroes appear, a new hero enters Sternbild City. Now that they are more veteran heroes, will Kotetsu and Barnaby be able to live up to the expectations put on them?!

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***SPOILERS*** Okay, I'm going to become salty now, but I honestly believed that this follow-up to Tiger & Bunny was trying too hard to regain its appeal like the first season but ultimately failed. Each character in the first season was so much better. This time, I just downright didn’t have any time for characters in this anime. I mean we see one of the new characters, Black here being an absolute idiot who wouldn’t shut up when it comes to situations that need utter silence to make it done right. He doesn’t bother working hard and yet cries that the superheroes are treating him badly and yet again he’s still with them. I mean just be a villain bro or get out of the story cause you’re such an annoying piece of crap lol! Then we have the Origami character whining that his partner Antonio isn’t a fan of his name, the other character Ryan not bothered to ask Karina if they are gonna split being hero partners and Lara being a “Yes ma’am” to her mother so that she can deal with the missions on her own rather than partner up with Kid. No offence to her but she’s not the best super hero. I mean all of these scenarios were such waste of my precious time because all of them were so useless and just complete utter rubbish. If this was only about Bunny, Nathan and Tiger, I wouldn’t have complained but they had to add in more useless superheroes that would absolutely do your head in. It’s exactly like what western superhero films nowadays and it just takes away the charm like I hated the 3-D art affect and story too (call me old idgaf). Just beyond disappointed lads, again still rather season 1, that’s all I’m gonna say….


*SPOILERS* Tiger & Bunny has always had a special place in my heart, so when a Netflix sequel was released 11 years after the original, of course I was skeptical. Honestly, my hopes weren’t super high and maybe it’s because I didn’t expect anything that I actually didn’t mind the first part of season 2. I thought that the buddy system was a good addition, though I feel like they could have done more with it. Most of the season was dedicated to small conflicts between buddies and new heroes which was enjoyable enough, but generally felt really formulaic and superficial. I just feel like it would have been fine for the arcs to be a little less tidy. I mean, Tiger and Barnaby spent half of the first season learning to work together, and while none of the other pairings necessarily need to go that far, it just feels a little weird to have everyone else work so nicely so easily. They really could have pushed it further and taken the opportunity to explore the characters more deeply than just “Fire Emblem is a little insecure because Sky High is too perfect.” Other than that though, I liked the pair of villains! I couldn’t care less about whatever else was going on with Ouroboros, and just about everything with the way the drug plotline was executed made me roll my eyes, but I knew that they were just setting up for part 2 so whatever. The new heroes themselves were a bit of a mixed bag. I actually love Golden Ryan so much. They could have easily made him just another cocky a**hole, especially with the role he had to play in the Rising movie, but he’s like… actually a super nice and considerate guy that tries his best to get along with people despite his fear of betrayal? Compare that to Thomas who they’re trying way too hard to position as the poor suffering edgelord. Black wasn’t that bad, as much as he seemed like he was trying to be hatable at the beginning. But Thomas was just pretty exhausting. They seemed to be building up to something super interesting with his difference in values, but they didn’t go anywhere with it, so he just ended up being a broken record of “don’t get close to me~” *turns away with his bangs in his eyes*. Cat seemed to have some interesting conflict going on with her mother, but boy was that a nothing-burger. It feels weird because the show tried so hard to give these new heroes interesting backstories™, but the original cast of heroes were all plently iconic in the first season without the need for backstories like that. Their personalities and chemistry did all the heavy lifting, their present internal conflicts allowed you to get to know them better, and backstory was used extremely sparingly with everyone except Barnaby (I think Origami was the only one to really get any kind of backstory scene). Meanwhile, this new season doesn’t seem to know how to make characters interesting without laying all their baggage on the table and saying “Look at this! They have problems! Love them!” Overall, it didn’t click perfectly and I don’t think it measured up to the original at all, but I didn’t hate it, and that’s just about all I can hope for.

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