Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death

Alt title: Thunderbolt Fantasy Shoushi Ikken

Movie (1 ep x 75 min)
4.199 out of 5 from 142 votes
Rank #697

A tale depicting the root of the animosity between Sha Wu Sheng and Lin Xue Ya, prior to the events of the show. The cunning thief hires the bloodthirsty swordsman as a bodyguard. Together they will challenge the Sword Arts Assembly...

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JadedDragos's avatar
JadedDragos Feb 25, 2019
Score 10/10

This was a good background type movie. It shows the connection between Sha Wu Seng and Lue Fing Qie Chen and also has a second story that connects Season 1 and Season 2. Animation and sound was just as great in this one as in the first season. I liked the further look back on the Screaming Phoenix Killer and also the introduction to new characters for the next season. Overall was a good watch if looking for... read more

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