Thumbelina: A Magical Story

Alt title: Oyayubi Hime Monogatari Movie

Movie (1 ep x 82 min)
2.499 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #7,320
Thumbelina: A Magical Story

Mia is a young girl with a knack of getting herself into trouble. One night, her mother falls asleep while reading "Thumbelina" to her, Mia is magically transformed into the two-inch tall character. As she journeys through "the Unknown Country of Wonderland," Mia will be forced to overcome obstacles that helps her grow into a person. 

Source: Digiview Entertainment

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CutesySquirrel26 Aug 15, 2017
Score 9.5/10

This is a great anime movie! I just finished watching it for the first time in years! When I was a little girl, it terrified me. but don't worry about it. When I was young, everything terrified me! I couldn't watch Disney's Sleeping Beauty until I was 8 or 9 years old! I struggle with an anxiety disorder, you see. But anyway, now that I am grown, I can say that I enjoy it greatly. The animation may be old, but... read more

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Oyayubi Hime Monogatari
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  • 1992 - 1993

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