This Boy Can Fight Aliens!

Alt title: Kono Danshi, Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu.

OVA (1 ep x 28 min)
3.175 out of 5 from 1,107 votes
Rank #5,233

Four months ago aliens invaded Earth, but they're not obliterating cities or abducting huge amounts of people. Instead, they send one single alien to the surface each day and, for reasons unknown, teenager Kakashi is the only person in the world who can fight them. However, this duty takes a huge toll on the boy's psyche, and after a while his memories have all but disappeared. Only his broken cell phone is there to remind him of the life he left behind, but Kakashi is afraid to fix it - for what if there are no new messages, and nobody cares that he's no longer around?

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What am I fighting for? Is it all worth it? Why me? These are the questions that Kakashi struggles with and asks himself in Kono Danshi, Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu, as he has been thrust into the role of being the world's savior. Every day has become the same for this boy who has no memories, no past, no recollection of his life before he was enlisted into the Special Counter-Aliens Task Force - each day, he wakes up and eats, fights aliens, sleeps. He questions whether the world such as the one he inhabits, is a nice place. Whether he has friends. Whether it is worth it. And each day the aliens send down another enemy for Kakashi to fight. This short anime was created almost entirely by one person; it is the brainchild of Soubi Yamamoto, who created almost all of it on her computer. It's a pretty impressive feat, despite the fact that the animation is crude and experimental in style. The story is simple, never going into detail for explanations or motivations, but still manages to evoke sympathy from the viewer for the main characters and to develop their characters and personalities quite well in the short amount of time allotted. As mentioned, the animation is a weak spot, with lots of still frames, distracting colors and textures strewn randomly about throughout, and choppy motion and movement mechanics. The sound, however, is another matter. It shines throughout the production. Credibly good voice acting, perfectly fitting instrumental background incidental music, extraordinarily varied sound effects, and a touching, sweet ending theme song to match the tone of the story. It's nothing earth-shatteringly special, but instead is a nice story to entertainingly fill up 30-minutes of your time. This story, which ponders the meaning of being alone, is worth checking out at least once.


Story Basically, the story is about this boy named Kakashi who for whatever reason is the only one who can fight these aliens in order to prevent them from invading Earth.  In order to protect the public, Kakashi lives in a house thats isolated in the middle of nowhere, and his only source of human contact are two guys that live in that house with him.  To make things worse, Kakashi has amnesia (which is never really explained except that it might be related to the fact that he can fight aliens).  As the OVA progresses, Kakahi begins to wonder if he has any family or friends that are waiting for him and even starts to wonder what he is fighting for.  The story does have its flaws (mainly due to unexplained things like the aformentioned amnesia and why the aliens are invading in the first place and so forth), but it makes up for it by being sweet and emotional. Animation The animation of the OVA is rather interesting.  On one hand, the animation is kinda choppy and there are plenty of still frames.  This is probably due to it having a very low budget and supposedly being animated by one person.  On the other hand, it makes up for being choppy by being stylised and colorful. Despite the low budget and slight choppyness, this OVA still looks fairly good due to it's unusual style. Sound The background music fits whats going on and the ending music is very pleasant. Characters Despite the short running time, Kakashi is a fairly well developed character.  You can't help but feel for him as he starts to doubt whether anyone is waiting for him and as he begins to edge towards a psychological breakdown.  The other two major characters, Arikawa and Shiro, are not quite as developed, but they do have good chemistry with Kakashi. Overall  It may not be the greatest story ever told, but it will still tug on your heart strings.

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