There She Is!!

Web (5 eps x 5 min)
2003 - 2008
3.926 out of 5 from 1,088 votes
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There She Is!!

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I thought that, if the world won't change, we would never reach happiness.   Firstly, to clarify, I am really unfamiliar with Korean animation. This is probably only animated thing from Korea I have ever seen. But I love it. I really love it. If this is Korean animation, than I am as into it as possible for simple human being.   Story This is the simple one. Cat and rabbit fall in love and struggle to make it work in the world they live in. When I was first saw this thing I was about 11 and I didn't really get the message that this story resonates with, but I still understood how twisted their world was.  How could we violate something as simple and innocent as love? Only after few watchings I realised the metaphor in this ONA and it hit me like a truck. I have already seen other shorts and movie trying to talk about this issue in form of metaphor and I loved them all. And that was the reason why I loved this thing.  That was the reason why I loved this when I was younger and reason why I love this now. It symbolises how our world is twisted, how sick we are, in form of cute and relatable love story that happens every day and could happen to all of us. It made me laugh, it made me cry, just like real love, just like real life.   Animation Even the smartest concept can fail when delivered badly. Luckilly, this isn't the case, because the creators did their best with budget they had. I am glad that they chose to use simplistic style for they animationa and not play with something they couldn't afford, because that would make it look bad and really cheap while this version looks just okay.  I admit it's hard to do magic with Flash animation, because honestly, have many visually pleasing shows ever came from this. I can think maybe of one really visually good show that was made in Flash. And not evenm handfull of okay ones. And this show made it into okay one category.  The characters may not be that great looking and background characters could easily blend into any other show like this, but I love the backgrounds and in the end, their movements are pretty smooth and what's important, it creates just matching environment for the story (if you get what I'm trying to say).  I appericiate that they did they best with it. Highlighted the important parts and well, the not important parts are... not that important.   Sound Oh man, I love those songs. Have you heard them? They are awesome. Not they only match the story, but they tell the story themselves. You don't need to understand lyrics, to understand this ONA, because music will speak to you. Music is universal language and this story proves it. But if you take some time to look on translations, you will fall in love with them. Let the music speak.   Characters (Better make it short, this review is already long enough) After all this groundbreaking things, I can say that the characters are basically the weakest part of the story, but definitely not in a bad way. They just weren't given enough space to be themselves in more complex ways.  This is the problem of lot short anime, because they only have enough time to focus on one thing (mostly it's comedy, but not here) and I don't blame them and I don't blame this thing either. They did their best with the time given and they also did a great work on the character development with it's little time. We can see how our characters grow and we fall in love with them really quickly, because they are nice and likeable and as I said, relatable, what is the most important part in this piece. So, bravo!   (Thank you for reading this till the very end. Sorry for any mistakes. Spread love!) (And now, watch how it deletes when I try to post it.)    


This review is for the  secret santa marathon.When I saw this show on my reccomendation list I thought it was a pretty fun concept for a short show. Story There is no real story since every episode tells something different but the main point is that in this world there are only cats and rabbitsYup. and the main heroine is a cat who is in love with an rabbit the secret love so to say. Each episode is different from a birthday party to an date. there is some progression between the two in each episode and there are some hardships they have to overcome.Since there love isn't allowed and things like that. in the end it is quite an nice story for something that starts of as a silly child like show. Animation The animation is alright, you can see this was a low budget and short show but even though the visuals aren't impressive it doesn't hinder the viewing enjoyment at all.Most of the show is in black in white but there are some colours to cheer things up. even though it isn't the most impressive stuff it is still enjoyable. Characters There isn't much depth with the characters there is our cat & rabbit and the rabbit is in love with the cat.Of course they both have friends who we meet but no character has a backstory or anything like that. Sound Apart from the music wich is a different song each episode there aren't any sound effects.So if you like the songs you'll enjoy this aspect more then someone who doesn't Opinions It is a nice short show with a cute little story, the charachters don't have any depth because of the shortness of it.And the sound effects are none apart from the songs. It was however an nice watch and I did enjoy watching it so for the overall score's Story - 5/10Animation 6/10Sound - 6/10Characters - 3/10  Overall: 6/10

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