The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat - Reviews

Alt title: Sekai Saikou no Assassin, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru

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Nov 18, 2021

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is a show that is from the same author as Redo of Healer, and yes, the influences from that dumpster fire are seeping into this show as well.

The only positives worth mentioning are the sound and animation, which are pretty decent, with a couple of nice shots, but that's it. The characters and story are plagued with issues which prevent this show from being a good action show about the world of assassins. 

First off, the girls that the MC picks up eventually form a harem, where each of them are of varying ages and are all obsessed over him. One is his adoptive sister, one is his personal servant and the other his former teacher (you see the problem here?) Not only are they bland and boring, but they are so overly sexualised with weird naked training sessions and having a complusive urge to sleep with the MC. 

Speaking of the MC, he had the potential to be an interesting character, but that vanishes after the first episode where any cool scenes with him in his previous life are overshadowed by a by-the-numbers backstory once he is reincarnated. After episode 1, he becomes a monotonous, blank slate of a character and is so devoid of any emotion that scenes with him just become emotionless as a result.

The story is fairly standard - a man is reincarnated by a goddess, given a task that he has to accomplish, and is raised by a loving family that set him on his path to succeed. It's a formula we've seen a thousand times before, and so many story beats in the 7 episodes so far only serve to either recruit a girl to the harem, have a training scene (naked or otherwise) or progress the story ever so slightly.

This show had the potential to be one of the best this season, but is instead caught up in unnecessary fanservice, a by-the-numbers plot and an MC with the personality of a block of cheese. I really hope this doesn't get a sequel.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Dec 6, 2021

Garbage but in a nicer package. It starts off as a typical man reborn into a Fantasy world and gets to keep his memories of the past life. But then hints at a better story only to later double down on the Isekai OP power fantasy and Harem starter.

This looks like someone saw the success of Jobless Reincarnation and went this LN is similar let's make this into an anime. The story beats are extreme similar at various points.

  • MC Re-born into Fantasy world with his memories
  • MC gets a Young girl as his Magic teacher
  • MC is so OP AND STRONG he has surpassed his teacher, immediately
  • MC uses his knowledge of the previous world to cheat the magic system.

I'm not even gonna bother with talking about the plot or anything. Instead, I want to focus on a single element of this story.

Episode 6

This episode doesn't have the MC in it, until the last few minutes. The story focuses on 6 girls who are orphans trying to earn pocket change for themselves, in the big city.

ONLY for them to immediately be kidnapped, forced into labor, and then sold off to rich people for the night. Literally, all the girls except one get raped multiple times. The only one (Macha) that doesn't get raped is also the girl who will join the MC's Harem later on. So the writer can keep the girl intact for the MC. This is so fucking gross already but the ending to this episode really solidifies this trash on par with Jobless Reincarnation.

The Episode ends with the MC Sweeping in and saving the girls, seriously the guy just magically shows up at the last minute, before his harem candidate can get raped. AND OF COURSE, the girls are super thankful to him Macha immediately falls in love with the MC. This girl that was kidnapped, forced, and almost raped immediately starts trusting our MC the moment she meets him. 

Following episodes show us the remaining girls are all fine with NO trauma whatsoever, and they are all simping for the MC as well.


This anime has a poor representation of Sexual Assault and Victims of Sexual Assault. If the anime doesn't have the decency to properly address such serious issues, it shouldn't include them. 

We see victims in this anime cry repeatedly, look dead on the inside, and even cut up their own faces so they don't have to be sold and raped again. But the moment MC shows up the girls all forget about this and start falling for him. This anime uses the rape of young girls to make the MC look good (in comparison to the rapists).

If you're willing to ignore that part feel free to watch this dumpster fire. I will finish this anime and update the review if needed, but this is an OK anime with a real Garbage Element hidden in it

3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Dec 2, 2021

TL;DR - Could have been amazing but is ruined by gratuitous fantasies.

The premise is, honestly, incredible - we have a modern-day assassin who is reincarnated not to become a hero in another world, but to kill them. Sure, isekai are a dime a dozen, but for once it's not some shut-in otaku who suddenly acquires great powers. This guy actually has a legitimate reason to be as good as he is at things, and I'm enjoying the twist in how the goal is to kill the hero rather than be one.

Animation is also fine, voice acting and music are great too. But all of this is just ruined by idiotic, otaku fantasies.

Every girl in this show starts off as a potentially interesting character, and without exception, every girl becomes a mindless, unreasonably loyal waifu who joins the MC's harem. Just once, I'd like to watch a show where female leads aren't treated as sexual fodder for the male lead. It's asinine and mind-numbing. Even his mom is not shy about being into him, and it's so stupid and so gross that it distracts from the rest of the show. We literally have a scene where he's sleeping with the two girls and has a wet dream, so he wakes up the next day with soiled pants. What was the point of this scene? I'm not even sure anymore if this story is about an assassin preparing to kill a hero or a teen boy-toy building his harem.

We're 9 episodes in now, and he only just started his first real assassination assignment. Every episode up until this point has been him rescuing a girl and the girl offering her body to him, with a bit of world-building on the side in a trading company. What makes this so aggravating is that there's nothing to warrant this kind of behavior from the girls! The guy is emotionless and aloof, but for whatever reason, they're all over him. "Oh, he saved my life. Therefore I must become his concubine!"

At the end of ep 9, they finally start touching on how he's starting to see his assassination assignments differently and how they're starting to affect him a bit differently. But it took 9 episodes to get here! And it's more of an afterthought, because they spend all of 15 seconds on it.

So much potential just wasted here. I'm getting so tired of shows and stories where the main character is just an empty slate for lonely, middle-aged men to insert themselves into. It's goddamn cringe

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Nov 24, 2021

This isn't a horrible show, and I can see this going far. But this also is a big see it done that type of thing. With that in mind I think it is still worth it.

NOTE: The first ep isn't a good reflection on what the overall show is like. The first ep was great and if it stuck with how that was. It would've been a 10 or close to it. 

Anyways, this show is basically another over powered person goes to another world and gets a ton of girls to follow him and wanting to sleep with him. It plays on the assassin theme which is actually interesting. And it focuses on the journey more than the end of it where the OP is there to kill someone (you get this info in the first or 2 ep). But the problem is, I seen hundreds of times or more a similar thing where OP goes into some medieval time, he is overpowered, he gets a ton of girls wanting to sleep with him, and maybe he is good at making money or has some natural way of getting it. And while this one takes itself a bit more serious. At the end, there isn't anything in it that makes it stand out outside of the end mission.

With that being said, this season doesn't have a lot of good anime so it stands out as a great one. But in an average season, I don't think it would be on most radar outside of those like me who like isekai. (NOTE late 2021 IMO there is only a handful of good anime to watch. But there is gaps in the days. Where in a normal season there tends to be something at least every day.)

Update: the last few ep I noticed poorly made cig used. It's extremely noticeable in ep 11

8/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Nov 30, 2021

Another lame isekai harem show. Nothing new here to see. If you're just as bland as those genres mixed together then this is for you.

Every harem isekai starts off sooo good til they start filling it with unneccassary fan-service or just make half of an episode of the girls around him. Like we're heading to 2022 can we stop getting this stupid type of anime shows already.

Honestly, the more shows i see like this every season makes me believe more and more that the japanese people are weird asf.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall