The World of Narue

Alt title: Narue no Sekai

TV (12 eps)
3.304 out of 5 from 1,597 votes
Rank #10,276

Ever wanted to see what it would be like if aliens coexisted with humans? Now you can, through the adventures of Narue Nanase. She's an alien girl living with her father, placed on Earth to keep an eye on humanity and prevent them from having direct contact with aliens, a la Men in Black. However, the situation changes when Narue meets Kazuto Iizuka, a boy at her school, after saving him from an evil alien. Soon, they fall in love and become unseparable.

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Story Plot : IT is mainly based on a girl (Naure) who lives with her Father. Naure is not your average teenage girl she is in Fact Half human half alien as her mother was a human and her father well an alien. Well this story mainly about Her life in planet Earth and how her Life was affected when she stumble upon a boy one day (Kazuto Iizuka) having met in an alley This story tells how Naure life changed after having met Kazuto. Many adventures awaits these two couples  but what can happen when your girlfriend is an allien? There is only one way to find out and thats to actually see it for yourself ^_^   Likes : What i like about this Anime was that it was something new to me something out of the ordinary. It was in fact a different experience for me since i have never watch a romance with aliens let alone watch a romance anime with powers what i like about this anime was the adventures the character took. Even thought it was a pretty decent anime not your best but decent anime it still had its problem Dislike: What i did not like about this anime was the fact that it had to many random animes put on it. One day you see the lovey dobby couples doing their thing and next you see them  fighthing alines :D or just doing something else the ending was not that great i think they could of done bettter but overall it got what it deserve i .. May be its just me , but i think it was an ok anime to watch you can take my recommendation but then again i have my own taste an my own opinion so therefore the only way to actually know if this anime is good is to watch it yourself and let you be the judge of that...

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