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Alt title: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen

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Jul 4, 2014

THE STORY IS: Following the first and second season, Keima has released 14 girls from the grasp of runaway loose souls, but a new problem has arisen. Diana, a goddess who possesses Keima's neighbor Tenri, tasks Keima with finding and awakening the other Jupiter Sisters. The only clue he has to go off of is that any of his previous conquests could be targets harbouring goddesses inside of them, but only the ones that retain any memories of the conquest. Keima must now hunt down each of his past conquests in hopes of finding which ones harbour a goddess inside of them and draw them out by having them fall for him again. Time is now a factor as an organization from Hell called "Vintage" is aiming to kill the goddesses to awaken an ancient demon to take over Earth. Now Keima must win these previously conquered hearts a second time to draw out the goddess that lies within them before Vintage gets to them first.

The story in The Goddess Arc is, by far, much better than it's predecessors. Unlike the first and second seasons, this arc had a sense of urgency behind it and it worked with the overall theme. Something bad was happening and the clock was running out. Conquering the girls this time around was a bit more of a task which added to the sense of urgency throughout. Sure, it was a bit cliche, but anymore an original idea is hard-pressed to be found anywhere. Find these girls before an evil group does who is up to no good. The way everything played out was much better than expected. I had little hopes for the Goddess Arc because of how I felt about the first 2 seasons. It blew my expectations away. The story is still the same, even though it took a step back in a sense and added pressure to the overall events. More like a life or death situation. Definitely a story that got way better over the course of time.

THE SOUND & ANIMATION: Watch the first 2 seasons and you should expect the same here. Voices are well done and animation is great. Elsie's voice is still annoying though.

THE CHARACTERS: This department ramped up a lot in this arc. All the characters were a little more explored which got you to know them a bit better. Some characters from previous seasons make another appearance in some way. The development was much better this time around. Keima made the most improvement out of everyone. He starts to seem like a normal person with feelings and an attempt at the real world without being glued to video games. All the other characters made tremendous leaps forward and brought forth some real development. Everything between the characters flowed without skipping a beat.

OVERALL: Goddess Arc is definitely worth watching by far. I did not particularly care at all for the initial series itself, but this arc brought me to love it. Definitely a story that got loads better over time. If they were to come out with another arc or season, I would be all for watching it as long as it was anything similar to Goddess Arc. I would say to watch the series to get to this story arc. Worth it. 

9/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Feb 7, 2016

Three seasons, it took this franchise three seasons to make a really really good anime, and then it ended.

Story - 10/10

While we still have the overarching theme of Keima having to use his video game skills to "conquer" females, this time around it didn't seem as tedious. I guess because despite still being his main mission, the act of it either took a back seat to other action in the story, or when it was front and center it was much more in-depth than what we've been use to.

For season three Keima is now tasked with finding out which of his past conquests are inhabited by the four remaining Jupiter Sisters, as they are being hunted by a force looking to bring down new hell. For the most part his portion of the story revolves around figuring out who the last goddess resides in, Chihiro or her best friend Ayumi. This puts Keima in a weird spot, because he has to try and get them to show their love for him without letting them know why, or letting the other know he's playing them both.

A much more interesting plot in the season is Haqua's attempts to figure out the mole inside the loose souls team whose helping out Vintage, the cult trying to kill the goddesses. Being a much more interesting character than Elsie, it was nice to see the season focus on her while Elsie was off impersonating Kanon.

With an ending that actually had some thought behind it and a story with purpose, this was easily the most enjoyable season.

Animation - 8/10

As usual, what can be said? The animation of this series, from episode one, has been some of the best in the ever evolving world of anime. And little has changed, well except it got even better.

Due to the story taking a slightly darker turn, the animation had to follow suit, and it did in amazing ways. The new locations as well as the improved use of lighting, from the bonfire to the lit pirate ship, all added to the great detail this show always went into to give us the best animation.

The new looks on old characters, for the goddesses, were also done very well. For the most part, each goddess looked like an alternate reality version of the girl she was possessing. When they finally evolved into their full angel form, they were extremely detailed and animated beautifully, with the wings looking like a picture, and not an animated cel.

The one downside was the computer animation used in some sequences. The knife and miasma used in the Kanon sequences looked terrible and didn't give the feeling they were supposed to. Instead of being some scary ominous fog, it looked like a bad funhouse at a two bit fair. Though they did do an excellent job using CGI for things like Kanon's water protection and then other elemental aura's of the goddesses.

Sound - 8/10

Another shinning point of the series was always the music. Again it's all smooth sailing on this front. With great opening and closing songs, and finally a decent practical song, sung by the school band and teased in the OVA.

Since they spent most of the series portraying the show as a school life anime, you also got great nature sounds and overall background noise, something that tended to be lacking in the first few seasons as it always felt like half the episode was taking place inside Keima's head with his Voice Over.

Characters - 8/10

The last season of the series managed to add more characters than the first two combined, while also expanding heavily on some we already knew.

Along with the six new goddesses, who all had great personalities of their own, we also got a quick rundown of the ladies Keima had worked his magic on since we last saw him in the OVA. Somehow, in the five or so minutes they set aside for the recap we were given more background on the small group of girls than many girls with multi-episode arcs seemed to receive.

The bulk of the conquest time revolved around Chihiro and Ayumi, whom we finally got to know. They each were featured in previous season, but they went much more in-depth with their emotions and personalities for this story. The writers really put effort into these ladies, something that was sorely lacking before.

They also spent a good deal of time on Haqua. They sort of white washed what we already knew about her, like how they made it out like she was completely inept, and instead wrote in her great work and instincts, a reason why Dokurou Skull thinks so highly of her. She actually shines much more in these episodes than Elsie ever did, being a more complete character, as opposed to Elsie's sidekick roll.

Overall - 9/10

And a series I've long found to be infuriating ends in the most infuriating way of all, by being so good.

A stand alone season three, with maybe a small OVA or opening explaining the loose souls and new hell, could be one of the top ten series of all time. It's only dragged down by what came before.

If they were able to follow on with this writing style and stories that were more than just carbon copies of each other, I would gladly continue to watch for another dozen seasons.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jan 3, 2021

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Megami-hen
The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc


In terms of quality, not much has changed in the end - it stayed like all its predecessors. Which also made the scenes a bit monotonous. It's interesting to note, however, that the plot finally got rolling. To my disadvantage, I also read the end of the manga as a comparison. Unfortunately, the anime adaptation has drifted off and doesn't have the same ending. The manga version was actually more interesting and bigger in scope. It looked pretty weak in the anime. More or less like a simple comedy ending.

That said, this season was still entertaining and I didn't get overly bored. After the show is over, I wouldn't say I will ever watch it again. Only because of the monotonous and repetitive episodes.


I'm at least very happy that something happened towards the end, I thought it would have exactly the same sequence from beginning to end. Had they stuck to the manga more, it might even have come out more.

The approach with the last 2 girls was at least refreshing and a little unexpected.

Animation / pictures

As with the predecessors. Colorful display and mostly solidly animated for a comedy.


Not much has changed apart from the last few episodes. Except for the romance focus between the protagonist and the final 2 girls. Still, not much happened on the relationship level.


Satisfactory osts and intros. But I can't describe it as particularly individual.



This series is quite suitable for in between. She has a light sense of humor, a few different romances, and slightly pleasant characters. Mostly it is nothing to speak of.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Mar 30, 2017

In perhaps what was one of the best ending seasons for an anime I have ever seen, the third season of The World God Only Knows delivers perfectly. The first season was silliness and getting to know the characters, with season 2 being a slightly more watered down but still enjoyable version. This season, however, transfers to a more serious drama and romance. I saw my favorite ships rise and fall in the grips of this romantic tsunami, and in the end, was somewhat satisfied but still demanding more. SO. Read the manga on mangafreak or something starting with chapter 189 after you finish this season. The ending in the manga will leave you heavily satisfied, guaranteed, if you know what the true relationship is. The story overall this season was believable, but felt rushed for most of the way through. Animation was consistentyly solid, and the soundtrack provides a decent atmosphere for the audience. Characters were the real shining point in this series though, with almost every girl getting a good chunk of screen time and even extra on the important ones. What are you doing? Give it a watch!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Sep 24, 2013

In an age where Genre,Premise and Tropes define anime.TWGOK shows that great original storytelling could still exist.

TWGOK could have been a mindless moe anime.It could have been one of those otakuism stories like Welcome to the NHK or Watamote to appeal to otaku relatability.It could have been "Dark and Edgey" for the sake of appealing to a superficial undestanding of maturity.

Anime these days have become this giant pandering fest,instead of doing what an anime i feel ought to be doing,drawing people in with their own stories.

TWGOK was an anime that did not follow trends,what started as a deconstruction of the harem genre with a theme of ideals versus reality,finally started to give a storyline that I would call an anime classic.

This show is the standard for character development.So many charcters meaningfully grow and change over the course of the story,we get to really see this in this arc.

Kudos to Yui,who becae her own prince instead of being a traditional girl.For Shiori, who could only speak in moe noises could finally speak properly wrote the story only she could tell.Kudos to Haqua, the book-smart girl the pride of new hell.I could go on.....

They may based on archetypes, but they have 3d depth and perssonality.

Even  rare and tame by even battle anime/gundam standards, fanservice scenes is made useful to the storyline through keima.I admit that is unique.

Kudos to the Theme of twgok being true to yourself and having the courage to face reality.A not so black and white theme, considering that these girls were not "purified" to be normal.

Ah yes the polt,a plot that is not solely understood by the premise.Keima has to go and revive the Goddesses.keeping with what we already know, but bringing enough originality as well.Twgok is very logically consistent, things have a reason to happen, it could keep up even with the most serious stories that I have read.

A "save the world" premise but an arc that is mainly focused on Keima and his he no longer uses his knowlege as readily and started to use his experiences with reality to great effect.

Maturity is not about just death and haviing an adult premise,it is about responsibility and how you act.Unilkie other anime where they making killers look cool,inserting the "Senin" genre tag, and having the protagonist to always do the perfectly moral decision,actions have meangingful consequences, the protagonist had to make an ugly move on a certain girl in a bid to protect her, he also has to push forward even when it seems hopless,and he never took the glory and even let his harem do what they can do to help him out.He knows when to STOP.

The arc showed how  keima has turned from self indulgent to being a selfess hero.

A certain memorable scene showed how he is coming to terms with reality,not as an otaku but as a person.

I have to give kudos to  vintage,they could have been half hearted harem villans.I love how hell is an actual sociecty and not just that "place of evil" with a political factions of traditional vs new,not simply good or bad.Vintage may be great at doing thair job using logic and tatics were fooled to be clearly set up by their bosses...

The ending scene is it really back to square one or.....

I wish they had the ova's for the conquests though,shame really, and there are things to resolved though after this.So I would not  give this a 10/10 yet even though its quality is there.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
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