The Window (2012)

Alt title: Chang

Movie (1 ep x 28 min)
2.787 out of 5 from 13 votes
Rank #7,864
The Window (2012)

Sergeant Jeong Cheol-min's squad are staying indoors a corroded stockroom renovated without windows. His squad is well known for their hardworking members until counselor Hong Yeong-soo comes in. Jeong Cheol-min does all he can to make Hong Yeong-soo the right man for his squad and the army requires him to. However, private Hong Yeong-soo doesn't adjust to the surroundings and causes trouble. Jeong Cheol-min starts using violence on him and Hong tries to kill himself. Then the army changes rapidly and corners Jeong Cheol-min and his crew as the attackers.

Source: HanCinema

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