The Way of the Househusband 2

Alt title: Gokushufudou 2

Web (5 eps)
Fall 2021
3.97 out of 5 from 905 votes
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The Way of the Househusband 2 Almost all of the humor in the anime is based on a simple idea: the original creator takes a person who behaves like a stereotypical yakuza and places him in a normal household environment. Dramatic camera angles before your regular morning shave, a stern look and a raised knife to butcher… fish, gang member apology pose, due to a missed discount in the store and many more. The contrast of the external image and behavior in the usual everyday situations, it is just hilariously funny! And the final touch is the very image of the protagonist, a fit man covered in tattoos, in sunglasses, in an expensive suit, with a knife behind his back, the image of a hardened Japanese criminal is completely erased because of a cute apron that the protagonist loves to wear almost all the time. Of course, the world loves living with stereotypes, and our protagonist is constantly mistaken for a scumbag. But surprisingly, the anime does not overuse this plot trick, when Tatsu gets into trouble simply because of the way he looks. The anime tries to show exactly the ordinary life of Tatsu and his everyday worries as a householder, and we, as the viewers, laugh at the very sight of the brutal yakuza, who carefully cuts a salad or draws hearts with ketchup. At the same time, there are also hilarious moments that prove that there is cuteness in everyone, even in brutal men:  a gang leader who loves his dog, a thug who misses his mother, a scary-looking fast food vendor- the anime is simply replete with characters like Tatsu, and many funny situations that contradict with the very looks of the series’ characters. That said, the series did not change at all. If you disliked the 1st season, there is no point in wasting your time on the second.

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