The Way of the Househusband 2

Alt title: Gokushufudou 2

Web (5 eps x 18 min)
3.922 out of 5 from 1,943 votes
Rank #1,347

The second season of The Way of the Househusband.

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In the winter of 2023 J.C.Staff’s “Gokushufudou” returned to Netflix with a whole new season albeit a brief one. Consisting of only five episodes at 18 minutes each you are left wanting more. If you are familiar with the show from season one then you know what you are getting. It is more of the same and crazy for it. It kicks off with a hilarious section where Tatsu walks around the community collecting the 500-yen fees for the neighbourhood committee. He does it in full “Immortal Dragon” mode terrifying everyone he meets. It concludes when he turns up at the offices of genuine Yakuza which seem not to be the best plan at first… And this is just the first five minutes of episode one. It just gets better and better when the crew go out camping or try and entertain a little girl in hospital. Tatsu even gets a chance to show his feminine side when he joins the local Ladies’ Committee. It is so well put together and paced out beautifully with each episode broken down into short sub-episodes with self-contained stories in each. Everyone shouts at each other a great deal and folks can get pretty intense - yet is all delivered as if this is all comically normal. There is no real over-arching narrative to all this. It is just madness delivered for its comic value. It just endlessly jams around its central idea with each imaginative skit displaying some new flare and originality. There has to be a point at which the core idea stops being funny. It is a clown act. You know the custard pies will fly but you love it just the same. How much more this format can be milked remains to be seen. If you are a fan you will love it. Maybe an acquired taste but such a fantastic solid slice of anime entertainment.

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