The Tibetan Dog

Alt title: Tibet Inu Monogatari

Movie (1 ep)
4.175 out of 5 from 496 votes
Rank #771

After the death of his mother, ten-year-old Tianjin moves from the city of Xi'an to rural Tibet to live with his estranged father, LaGeBa. But becoming accustomed to the strange customs, relentless wilderness, and bullying neighbors of his new home on the steppe proves more difficult than expected. Worse yet, the boy's father is absolutely devoted to his job as a doctor, and hardly pays any attention to his struggling son, instead demanding that he spend his days herding the family's flock of sheep. One day, while being ignored as usual by the sheep he's attempting to herd, Tianjin is attacked by an enormous bear, which is chased off in the nick of time by a mysterious golden dog. Though cautious by nature, the Tibetan Mastiff warms to the lonely boy, and the two develop an intense friendship.

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haize78 Apr 3, 2016
Score 4.8/10

This movie isn't bad, but it's just a rehash of a story each of us has already seen (probably more than once) - with nothing new added and furthermore lacking the above average storytelling or the compelling characters that could have compensated for the clichèd storyline. The story is the classic overused theme about a boy whose mother has died and so gets delivered to his unapproachable and cold... read more



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