The Tatami Galaxy Specials

Alt title: Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei Specials

DVD Special (3 eps x 7 min)
3.069 out of 5 from 724 votes
Rank #5,158

It’s story time at the Shimogami Yuusuiso and everyone is regaling the group with fantastical tales of a mystical land submarine. From the adventures of Captain Higuchi on a quest to the South Pole to prevent further melting of the ice caps, to the sudden disappearance of everyone’s underwear and a group of bizarre men stalking Akashi, the impossible sub seems to have played a bizarre role in everyone’s lives.

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century100 Apr 23, 2018
Score 5/10

The original anime was pretty interesting for me to watch, as it seemed pretty unique to other anime from the art styles and dementia-like scenes, but this special had a pretty mediocre story for me to watch.  A story of someone narrating a dream that didn't make much sense isn't a story that I and many viewers would be interested in watching, according to what I've seen and the ratings as well. A rather... read more

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FullmetalCowboy24 Oct 1, 2015
Score 5.2/10

Critic’s Log - September 30, 2015 Supplemental Review: The Tatami Galaxy Specials

I must say that I was not aware of the Specials for The Tatami Galaxy and I will just make this quick.

The first Special “Land Submarine, to the South Pole” is very strange and it really is not as visually appealing like the series.

The second Special “Land Submarine... read more

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