Sky Crawlers

Movie (1 ep x 121 min)
3.608 out of 5 from 3,561 votes
Rank #2,815

In a world where corporations snuff out the competition by sending fighter jets to attack their offices, teenage pilot Kannami Yuichi is reassigned to a new base. There, he meets Tokino, a carefree pilot who enjoys the company of older women, and Kasanagi Suito, his superior officer who he slowly falls for. However, not everything is as it seems. Soon, distressing questions are raised about Kannami's predecessor, a race of perpetual adolescents known as the Kildren, and the enemy ace of the skies, Teacher.

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Hesse Aug 21, 2011
Score 6.5/10

Sky Crawlers takes off with a stunning action sequence; two fighter pilots engage in a dogfight as speeding bullets rip an aircraft's backside. Don't let the dramatized trailers fool you, this film is anything but a adrenaline-pumping thriller. On the contrary, many will find Sky Crawlers snooze-worthy due to its sluggish pacing and... read more

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roriconfan Nov 20, 2012
Score 5.5/10

The Sky Crawlers is amazing in its themes but damn boring in its presentation. Although one could say the same thing about all of Mamoru Oshii’s films. Whatever, I only liked his Ghost in the Shell movie and only because I had already read the manga.

So the movie is about a war sponsored by countries, only for the purposes of keeping the populace at bay. The concept is interesting, few people... read more



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