The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Alt title: Nanatsu no Bitoku

TV (10 eps x 4 min)
1.691 out of 5 from 573 votes
Rank #9,674
The Seven Heavenly Virtues

Heaven has been thrown into chaos, and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, are sent to Earth to find the “true messiah”. As these beauties from the sky try to race against time, they realize how far the Seven Mortal Sins have spread their plague.

Source: HiDive

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Ryukami Apr 10, 2018
Score 5/10

Tiddies and nips! Is this the fan service anime to stand above all other fan service anime? No. Nanatsu no Bitoku has some pretty girls, unashamed fanservice and nips. Lot's of nips. But is it any good? Kinda, if you just want a short sexy girls being sexy show, otherwise there is nothing here for you. The 7 Archangels decend on earth to find the Saviour (Messiah), but along the way they get distracted by... read more

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