The Qwaser of Stigmata II

Alt title: Seikon no Qwaser II

The Qwaser of Stigmata II
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Dec 4, 2016

Alrighty so this is for someone who has seen BOTH seasons, So spoilers are immenent!

Now first off I started this series a few years back but the site I was on didnt have all of the episodes I was never able to finish it. Until I found season 1 and 2 on Hulu. Now, I decided to start it back up, knowing it was about metal benders who use breast milk to gain more power to keep fighting and whatnot. Ok fine, I could deal, this wasn't one of my worst ones I've watched. Or so I thought.

The story starts off with your main characters, Sasha, Mafuyu, and Tomo. Tomo having unrealistic giant boobs, and Mafuyu chasing after her since Tomo is complete ditz. 
Women with bigger boobs are getting kidnapped so someone can get more power with "Soma" or breastmilk inbued with life force. So enters Sasha into it. Who basically is a spoiled Russian brat who has no manners and is just as ass overall. They go on adventures and eventually Sasha and Mafuyu fall in love?  IDK its as obvious as it was on the Matrix. Other than them going on a date ONCE, and then maybe blushing 3 other times thats kinda it. And the classmates have the Weirdest side stories and filler, omg the amount of filler is stupid, like naruto stupid. Why was it needed and who came up with it?
TO be fair the adventures they go on are pretty epic, and I love the creativity with the different places they had to go. As well with the different type of element users and what they can do with their powers, like one is glass, so he can make glass appear out of nowhere. Dude you can make millions making people windows, wtf are you doing being evil??? Also this anime suffers from "I'm going to wait for them to finish before I attack" Syndrome. You know when someone is talking and they wait or in this case suck on tits for literally 20-30 seconds before they make a full counter attack, except for one fight that I saw. You attack before he can get powerful, not after its too late!

Animation was definetley paid for. However you can see obvious places where they were either rushed or didnt care as its gets super sloppy during certain fight scenes. And its just sloppy. The animation behind the boob sucking is one to be desired as again it looks physically painful to be sucked in anyway they showed. However the main fight scenes, when not focusing on the boobs, were pretty amazing and very flashy.

The sound was somewhat to be desired as the constant sound of slapping boobs sounded like wet noodles slapping together which is a total turn off. I can slap my own breats and they sound nothing like that. Just saying. The fight scenes and sound affects were probly the best out of all the sound. However the voices were very well done, but its subbed which usually has better voices than dubbed in my experience.

Overtime Sasha just kinda starts sucking whoevers boobs fits his fancy, and I mean this literally. So now you have no consent type of deal written all over everything. And the way he sucks breasts just looks painful as hell. Like ow... Heck even in season 2 he becomes a "woman" and gets his own boobs sucked and "learns hes been sucking breasts wrong the whole time" and fixes himself the next time, but after that it seems to be out the window. HE also loves to speak in Russian, which is kind of cool but it seems to bear no importance with anything other than his past, which speaking of, they dont explain it very well and it seems scattered throughout both seasons and I'm still not sure I understand what happened with him, mainly how he got free from being an experiment. Just explain please?
Mafuyu seems to be the root of everything and they find out she has exactly what they were looking for and now she has to fight alongside Sasha as his "Maria" or boob slave. So shes with him always so that she can give him soma when he needs it or doesnt in MOST cases.
Next is Tomo. She has stupid huge breasts. Like seriously, how is she not in pain 24/7??? Shes a complete ditz and as a grown woman is obsessed with breasts with no indication of her sexuality, minus possibly incest? She eventually gets kidnapped cuz she has a mans spirit in her that can control gold? Eventually they get rid of him of course but just the way he handled her body was disturbing which was probably the point now that I think about it. She didnt show up much in season 2 but then again they focused more on Sasha then. But she was still a ditz and i still dont get how her boobs jiggled like that.
Next is Katja, the copper user. She is OBSESSED with BDSM, and I'm sure your thinking, cool! I like BDSM, maybe this anime is for me! No. Just no. She turned my husband and I off to a bunch of kinks. Its also not really even real BDSM. Theres a line between BDSM and physically and sexually abusing someone until Stockholm Syndrome sets in. Heres a list of fetishes you see in both seasons with her: Bondage, whipping, watersports, dress up, degradding, dom, slave, foreplay, pedophilia, and more. Lots more. She believes she should have slaves to do her bidding to make her soma more potent. And when you first meet her shes this cute innocent girl until she runs into Hana who has a fetish for little girls. Yes you read that right. So she uses this to her advantage and turns Hana into her "Maria" and continues to abuse her over and over in basically every episode. And how old is Katja? Shes in middle school a few times during breaks, sooooo wtf is wrong with this child? What kind of life did she live? Also does she have  a mother fetish? She calls her copper doll she fights with "Mama" although you find out later its real name is Anastasia. She just needs help but everyone treats it like its normal. Also Hana has to hump a girl at some point and its just so laughable and not attractive or a turn on.

Now for a complete overview of this anime:
Firstly, BOOBS DONT WORK THAT WAY. EVERY single female that got sucked had milk? Um thats not how lactation works??? You lactate when pregnant or after giving birth, not when you're a horny teenager
Secondly BOOBS DONT WORK THAT WAY, do you even anatomy? They dont bounce like that, and if they did they would probly be bruised pretty bad. And you cant physically lay down on your entire breasts, I'm looking at you Tomo. 
Thirdly, BOOBS DONT WORK THAT WAY, They really arent so sensitive that if you suck on them for 20 seconds you get a gorl to orgasm (minus of course if there is a girl who gets off on that, you never know) but seriously...

I would not watch this anime again, however I do feel drawn to watch a 3rd season if it were to come out if only to continue the story aspect, as the last episode of season 2 left a pretty big cliffhanger. The person who wrote/creted this anime obviously has no idea how lactation ot body physics works and it was so bad at points that even my husband got so turned off he wanted nothing to do with boobs for a few days... 
If you take out all the fetish aspects and pointless paintie shots, what your left with is a really interesting and cool anime about people with the ability to manipulate the elements. It would also be about 15 mins long.
This is an anime to either review or say youve watched it, though why youd be telling someone you had I'm not sure.
So good luck but get ready to not be impressed.

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Feb 23, 2016

Wasnt my style of anime. 

the story isnt very good, no clear plot or patterns. its mostly just tits with the occasional fight, its not even that funny either.  Honestly horrible anime, finished first season but just couldnt get into this one at all.

1/10 story
2/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Jul 3, 2015

I did not get past the first episode and I didn't have to. From public groping to a sword fight that ends in both characters have not clothes from the waist up I knew what to expect. Did I mention that the first episode begins and ends with the main character sucking the shit out of two different women. At some point the director of this anime has to realize that there is a difference between perverted anime and animated porn. Am I a saint? No. I've watched stuff like Freezing before but this is too much. So for all those pervs out there welcome to another season of fanservice, ecchi, boobs, porn, and more boobs. Seikon no Qwaser ll awaits you. P.S. I was too lazy to do a full length review also sorry for any and all spoilers. I will do better in the future.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Mar 21, 2015

Seikon no Qwaser II is a vortex of artistic merit, merilly sucking boobs I MEANT ANYTHING GOOD out of anime. It starts of with with nudity, continues with groping, and carries on with boobs I MEAN SHAMELESSLY EXPLOITATIVE scenes one after another. There's ecchi, and then there's boobs I MEANT BOOBS... dammit, I meant this boobs. Ugh. THIS SHOW.

This is a low brow, shameless, pandering, hopelessly uncreative, dull, piece of rubbish lacking in everything even resembling proper anything. The "plot" is put to shame by your average softcore porn flic. "Gotta catch them all" means tits here, and you can replace "catch" with "suck". Seriously, this is an even thinner veil for sexual exploitation than the first season. Seikon no Qwaser II redefines stupid

Seikon no Qwaser II is glorious and I love it.

Seriously, this show doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is. They needed to fit as much sexual themes as they managed in the first season into half as many episodes. It's an admirable goal. Luckily, the staff managed to overcome it. Oh yes, some people will gripe about the plot and characters. To those, I can only say "did you notice what Seikon no Qwaser II is about?" and laugh my ass off.

There is plenty to love about boobs Seikon no Qwaser II. And by that I mean boobs. For real this time. There are huge ones, there are small ones, they bounce, they jiggle, they are sucked on, they are groped, they are revealed in plenty of different ways. They are on tall girls, short girls, skinny girls, skinnier girls, boys, lolis, and they are lovely. The boobs, not the lolis. Though I'm sure they are if you're into that kind of thing.

I'll admit it. Seikon no Qwaser II brings out the pervert in every viewer. From cringeworthy scenes of extremely dubious consent, to just girls having fun times, it's all about the boobs. And seriously, everyone loves boobs. It is one thing that will make any warm blooded male (and plenty of females) turn into moronic pervs. This is a good thing. This is a great thing. A show about tits is absolutely lovely. Well, tits are absolutely lovely, and that's close enough.

Writing (Story and Characters):

There's a genre that isn't quite parody, but called "a crack". It isn't so much a parody as just deliberately bad. If you are anything like yours truly, "wait, there was a story here?" is the question you must be asking yourself at this time. The writing of Seikon no Qwaser II is not subpar, it is forcefully terrible. There is not one redeeming feature. From the disdain the writers have for women to their inability to make even the remotest form of sense, you can understand that they are not just stupid, but probably horrible people as well.

Everything from girls getting forced into repeated nonconsensual acts until they like it up to crossdressing antics is completely tasteless and gleefully crappy. Once more we get everything from tentacles, a loli dominatrix, and a throwaway plot that doesn't matter. The story is not only laughable, but a lame excuse for sexual exploitation even by ecchi standards. It is definitely in the "so bad it's good" category. If you can't find something bad funny, then this is terrible. I mean, it is terrible, but so terrible that it's also funny. Still, terrible.

Oh, the characters are utter rubbish. Seikon no Qwaser II is full of boobs unlikeable characters with no depth or actual personality. The villains are stupid, the protagonists are morons, everyone is an imbecile. There are no rational justifications for any action by anything or anyone. Boobs are kind of like personality, or at least as close to it as you'll find in the show. Luckily, boobs require no justification. I suppose that's a type of characterization, or at least close enough as far as the series is concerned.

Boobs Seikon no Titties Qwaser II has such themes as "every woman loves being sexually abused both in private but especially in public", "rape a woman often enough and she'll like it", "every woman is submissive", and "no means yes". The writing is crappy in histoirc levels. It is inexcusibly bad. Luckily, it makes not even the slightest attempt to redeem itself. It mocks its own lack of intelligence by trying to be even dumber than the first season. This form of mad genius just works.

Art (Animation and Sound):

Booboies, boobies, boobiesboobiesboobiesboobies, BOOOOOOOBIIIIIEEEEEESSSS!!!!!! Also, nipples. Nipples everywhere. There are other things, but they don't matter. Do you know why? Because boobs, that's why. This may sound like a repeat of my review of the first season, but I'm really fine with this. Actually, it is surprisingly well done overall. You know why? Because boobs. There's some technical stuff which I could analyze, but I won't. Because boobs.

The animation of Seikon no Qwaser II is boobs. I mean awesome. Because boobs. Wait, I actually mean boobs. Right. The show stars tits of all shapes and sizes, but especially big ones, and there are appearances of other staple Seikon no Qwaser characters like tit-lasers and ribbons for bondage. Those character designs are great. There are plenty of sequences with bad depictions of movement, reliance on still pictures, but that does not detract from the poignant artistic point that large boobs conquer all, and small boobs are nice too.

Audio exists in Seikon no Qwaser II I suppose. The voice acting is there, and is only rarely super-annoying. There's a soundtrack, and you can hear it. Sound effects are also make themselves known sometimes. I didn't really notice. Things are there.

Anyways, Seikon no Boobies Qwaser II has boobs ART. I mean boobs. Wait, the first one. Was that art or boobs? I'm not quite sure, but I liked it a lot. Either way is fine, really.


Seikon no Qwaser II has everything. Fan service, action, fan service, softcore porn, fan service, boobs, fan service, other things (I think), fan service, explicit sex, and fan service. It's awesome.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
7/10 overall
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May 24, 2012

Story: Sup dawg, heard you watched Seikon no Bitches and wanted more titty action so we made Seikon no Bitches II which has even more tits in half the run time! And all for your viewing pleasure, you sick perv. And that's not a mistake. The official nipple counter Schizm didn't lie. He just excluded some of the tits.

The plots this time around cuts down on the dicks with an all-female school + a crossdresser + an obvious expat from S1. Who else in this show has a scar? Don't answer that, I didn't pay that much attention. The plot itself is generally easy to follow but contains enough bullshit moments for you to question it. Complete blindness, character derailing moments, completely questionable moments, and the only saving grace of it all is a fashionable nipple clamp.

This goes on for half it's runtime, ending on a crappy note that goes past generic depravity and leaves the viewer unsatisfied in terms of intelligence, finality of it being over, a satisfying end and a calm stomach. And that's not even going into the events that happen in that arc.

That nipple clamp, appears in the filler for the rest of the season. The filler is, quite frankly, complete shit. It starts from bad and goes to nearly gouged out my eyes shit, and it's in those episodes that the nipple counter reaches it's all-time low and fucking ball dropping high.

But I'm not being fair. It returns to plots at the last episode, offering an unsatisfying sequel hook of an ending, some last minute character returns, shafting, Joshua, Son of Hermes, some hardcore tittage, nipples and the glory of it finally being over. That moment, of this shit being at the end, was so fucking glorious.

Best of all, the plots offer up tengu masks in the filler, or those masks with the boner noses. It was real awkward when the loli had one.

I will give it points for Sasha getting 20% of the school. 20%! That's how much this shit improved.

Animation: Unsurprisingly, the animation is fucking gold. Them nipples and the sizes of the breasts are more varied this time around. From pettanko and fucking huge, this has both sides of the spectrum and nothing inbetween. No need for modesty here folks, that requires class.

All glistening and oiled up, them bitches keep 'em nice and fresh for the Qwasars who go to town on them, excluding one named female. Maybe. Unlikely. The show takes it up to eleven and surpasses the sexual deviency of the first by trespassing into fetishes that aren't seen on normal, censored shows that bounce on the line between ecchi and outright hentai. Kinda creepy? Yes, but it's Tits the Anime.

It also censors the crotch area, but that's a given. I mean, it's blank when it's shown, but then again, that EP makes it extremely uncomfortable. And I mean uncomfortable. If it weren't for that cool black silouette part that has the worst animation in comparison to the glistening butter of the cleavage, I might have had to dock a point. But as it stands, this is the best part of this tit fest.

Sound: Nothing beats the first season's first EP, but the OP and EP were what helped to keep me sane and myself while watching this shit. The EP especially, as it signaled that the episode was over. Some tracks from the first season make their return and the VOs do their pleasured moans, groans, squeals and what not well enough.

Characters: Oh good lord... holy fuck this was fucking bad. You feel nothing for these characters. The villain even had a backstory and with the way he was acting, you couldn't even feel any sympathy for the generic tale. The girls are the same as always, if not worse, except for one who did a complete twist from what I thought she was and fucking ruined it. Sometimes they act completely fuck balls dumb and other times, can't make up their mind and bounce around like a set of large tits.

A few other backstories are given though, which is a plus and for once, one girl felt horribly violated at Sasha's rape! She went on for it for a episode or two! That's unfounded! His technique is so good that they usually just get extreme pleasure from it. That, is fucking character development. A pity it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Long story short, you aren't here for deep characters, you're here for them tits.

Overall: Gawd, if this was as long as the first, this would have more titties than all the nipples of the titty anime aired that year combined. Fucking outrageous. But titties don't make for a good plot, characters or moral decency. It digs deeper into the barrel without offering anything substantial in return apart from boobs. If you enjoyed the first season as the depraved pervert you are, by all means watch this one. It's not required to watch the first though.

1/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Sep 19, 2011

Seikon no Qwaser...Immidietly those words bring people to think "OMG TITTIES." Well, that's a good point. There are indeed lots of titties in Seikon no Qwaser and the second season is really no exception. Within the 12 episodes of this series, there was just as much if not MORE fanservice then there was in season 1. Well, that's enough about titties for now. Let's get on to the review itself.


Despite the large amount of tits and fanservice, Seikon no Qwaser's first season was actually a pretty good series after it got going. The second season did the opposite to that. Starting where the second season left off with Sasha and Hana transferring into an all girls academy, they are given the mission to locate the Magdalena of Thunder (Not sure if I got that right) by...You guessed it, having Sasha suck the Soma out of everyone at the academy. Ultimately, this sets up for a nice story arc, for exactly the first half of the series. This series started out much like the later arcs did in the first series; Quick n' Dirty. That's in fact a good thing though, creating a very good story arc for the first half of the series. Here's where most people's fault is though; The second half. The Second half is really just...nothing. It's just 6 episodes of absolute nonsense. While most people see this as a fault though, I really just saw it as filler preparing for what is Inevitable, that being a season 3. I personally enjoyed the relax and slow tempo of the second half of the series, feeling it was a nice break. It could have been done better, but it was still done well enough to be able to enjoy.


One of the big things in this series is the music. Many of the songs are the same as the first season; this again is not a problem though, as the soundtrack for the first series was amazing! This series adds to that sound track with, most notably a new Opening and Ending (Of course...) both of which are as good as the openings/endings in the first series. In all honestly, I hope for a 3rd season just for another godly set of OP/ED's.

The new cast of characters weren't that great. They don't really add anything special to the series as a whole, with only one or two returning during the second half of the series anyway. The main cast is still made up of those from the first season (Except Teresa.../wrists) but I loved the first season for the characters; So I was okay with this.


Overall, Qwaser II is a decent series. If you enjoyed the first, you're likely to enjoy at least the first half of this series. If you really are a fan though, you'll also enjoy the second half, and just like me be looking forward to a 3rd season!

4/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jun 30, 2011

If I had to describe this anime with one word it would be disappointing.

Being a Seikon no Qwaser fan I loved the first season and the manga of course but the second season was really bad.

Story: 4/10.

So yeah, the story was bad. It didn't follow the flow of the manga story and it was just boobs. Like <boobs, boobs, boobs, panties, boobs again, oh a fight and boobs all over again>. Annoying. In the manga it doesn't show so much boobs. It is a seinen manga, ok but it's full of fights. And just 12 episodes? I mean with this kind of flow it could take up to 25 episodes to end nicely. It was a 6 episode arc on the beggining (the only part woth) and 5 (not watched the last episode yet) fillers. And I'm talking about stupid, meaningless fillers. There's a last fight in the last episode but it still doesn't feel like it's gonna end. I hope for a next, better season maybe...

Clearly disappointing and compared to the story of the first season it's...-.- ugh.. Just not worth it.

Animation: 8/10

Well yeah I like the whole animation thing and the way the characters are designed. That's all.

Sound: 8/10.

I liked the sound too. Nice opening and ending. It's okay. And the voice actors are good too..

Characters: 3/10.

I gave the characters a 3 just 'cause I like most of the characters in the first season. The new ones suck. That's all.

Overall: 5/10.

Already said it. Not worth it. Clearly disappointing. If you liked the first season, I don't recommend you watched it. Read the manga instead. If you thought of starting this anime, just watch the first season. That's what I recommend.

Hope it was helpfull~


[Spoiler alert, read at your own risk]

I just watched the last episode. And I'm wondering...


I mean this can't be the last episode! It needs at least five episodes to end smoothy. What have they done?! God this sucks. I feel terrible for some reason. It isn't even mentioned in any way that the 12th episode is the last one. Maybe the one that said it was the final episode misunderstood something. I mean it can't possibly end like that!!

Anyways, this just shows there's got to be another season or many specials or unaired episodes or something! *bangs head on the wall* I don't get it. It's beyond my kind of thinking. -_-

Blessed be,

diclonius1 \/

4/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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