The Qwaser Of Stigmata

Alt title: Seikon no Qwaser

TV (24 eps)
2.758 out of 5 from 12,146 votes
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At St. Mihailov Academy, strange things are happening. Not only did the dean disappear, leaving his daughter Tomo and adopted daughter Mafuyu alone, but girls in the nearby city are being killed by an unknown foe. However, the blades begin to fly when a Russian boy named Sasha arrives. He is a Qwaser, a person able to manipulate the elements after ingesting Soma, breast milk, and he’s not the only one. Soon Tomo and Mafuyu find themselves in the middle of a battle between two groups of Qwasers whose goal is to protect or steal the Theotokos of Tsarytsin. With more allies and enemies arriving, who will survive the assault?

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"Seikon no Qwaser is a tricky mistress." This is what I say to anybody who asks me to explain what this show is. Additionally, I would never recommend it to anyone out of the blue. Not because I don't love it (because I do) but because it's a "niche anime". The premise of this show is--no, not breastmilk, I'll get to that later--really a "battle shounen" archetype. The main character fights evil lackies throughout the show, and ends up defeating the Big Bad at the end. In this sense, the show is a masterpiece. Driven by a very clever (if not always scientifically accurate) idea of people having the ability to control a particular element (as in the periodic table of elements) in almost the same way as Benders from Airbender do--except in far more chem-nerd and varied ways. As for the ecchi? Well, the show really doesn't need it, but you know what they say: "sex sells". I wish the show had taken the same route as the manga, and depicted nudity in an artful, symbolic manner, rather than the more-than-often prepubescently immature scenes rampant with faux-lesbianism intended solely to get the audience's rocks off rather than contributing to the overall plot. Thankfully, these kinds of scenes are few and far between. By the way, are you bothered that virgins are spurting breastmilk, when that's nigh impossible in real life? Only Qwasers can pull out Soma; normal people can't make other normal people lactate. The music is EXCELLENT. The battle tune and the first OP never fail to get my blood boiling. The rest of the soundtrack is varied and never misses a beat--every single song on the OST makes for easy listening. The main character, Sasha, is a perfect example of bishounen Bad-Ass-MotherF**ker. His character development lies in what begins as uncultured mannerisms, having not been provided with a healthy childhood. The love interest, Mafuyu, does not take well to the change her life is going through, nor Sasha's uncultured mess, but eventually comes to in very tender character development. The best friend, Tomo, is a moe mess, but manages to gain a little bit of my respect because she's sickly, and doesn't go through any character development beyond being a plot device. Katja and Hana solely exist for the masochistic lolicon's fanservice, but are pretty legitimate characters when they feel like it. Lizzie is the tomboy fan's fantasy and goes through alliance conflict. Teresa isn't much more notable than just being an awesome battle nun. The rest of the cast is, appropriately, extremely minor. Miyuri is the only one that manages to make me truly hate her--she's the typical arrogant bucket of fail who pretty much ruins the show whenever she speaks. (Don't watch episode 14. Just don't do it. COMPLETELY irrelevant to the plot and nothing but Failbucket.) Provided that you're going into this show already diddling yourself, and are looking forward to this "battle shounen" previously mentioned, you will find yourself alienated by the ecchi. Alternatively, if you're going into this show begging for tits, you will find yourself alienated by a rich story and action sequences. That is why this is a "niche anime"--the only people that will love this show are battle shounen fans that are comfortable with sexuality edging in on the territory.


A hen adapted into an anime? So I thought this would be a fun series to write my first review on (yes, I actually put some thought into this). Seikon no Qwaser is an absolutely terrific anime that any mature anime viewer would enjoy if they watch the whole series through. I'm dead serious. Of course the biggest stigma with this series is the blatantly hardcore ech use (which in all fairness the only reason this isn't considered a hen is that there's no sex). However, this series is also action-packed and frankly quite violent and gory. It certainly takes the increasingly popular ech action genre to new heights. A very unique anime in this respect. The story is great and extremely compelling as it goes along which cannot be said about a lot of anime out there. But for me, what really makes this series stand out are the outstanding characters. Seikon makes really good use of the anti-hero aesthetic. Sasha (the male lead) is a total baddass and goes through a tremendous personal progression through the course of the series as he is forced to face many of the demons from his past. But my 1A in terms of the characters would have to be Katja. Katja plays the role of the "rogue" and she's bad in a manner different from Sasha. She starts the series as quite the dominatrix and while this doesn't really change, it is played down considerably in the ladder parts of the series. While Katja might have the dirtiest scene in all of anime, she's one of those characters that you may be initially bothered by but you eventually grow to love. Overall, I'll give Seikon no Qwaser an 8.5 out of 10, which I think is fair even considering that the blatant vulgarity does limit the series to the general audience.

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