The Quintessential Quintuplets 2 - Reviews

Alt title: 5-toubun no Hanayome ∬

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May 14, 2021

hm where to start? first of all i don't watch anime anymore and haven't for about a year but i sometims do now and then. i've also read the manga a while back and im impressed by some of the scenes they kept from the manga. if you haven't read if i recommend reading it, its probably better than both season 1 and 2. i am not an expert, im just writing this because the other reviews are kinda bad with very high scores, apart from the last one but i feel like the scores is a bit too low.

spoilers haha

Story: the first season was about fuutarou becoming the quintuplets tutor and getting them to pass the exams with a bunch of other events happening in between. this season isn't much different honestly but they do follow the manga a lot more than other animes, i think. someone else said that they cut some parts out but thats what anime directors or whoever does. im not sure why but i don't think its making it any better. if i remember correctly the swing scene was supposed to have youtsuba say she wanted to be a bride or something but they cut that out and edited it a bit, i think. i don't really remember when the scene took place in the manga and they might of added that swing scene and i forgot about it in the manga. 


the animation and art style is just as good as the prequel but they changed their eyes a bit. fuutarou has gold - yellow eyes instead of his blue eyes and the quintuplets have more detailed eyes and some scenes detail their eyes a lot. the art style hasn't changed much but it is a bit better than the previous season. and the part where they all fall in the river/water scene is almost as good as the one in the manga which was one of my favourite scenes, i think.


i think the sound part is for music but part of me feels like is sound design, so ill put doth of them. in my option, the music is definitly worse than the first. its not bad but not great either. i like the part where they put season 1s opening at the ending of season 2, but thats all i can think of. i don't have much for the sound design but i think its good. like the sound effects and expressions.


when i first watched the first season i didn't like most of the characters too much and i still feel the same. but now i don't really like all the characters equally, maybe. some the characters have developed a lot from season 1, especially nino who might be my favourite as of now. just kidding i don't watch anime. but the others have stayed pretty much the same. does anyone actually like itchika? i don't hate her but i don't like her and not exacally neutral either. maybe its because shes a snake and i don't like liars but thats a personal thing. itsuki and youtsuba haven't changed much from season 1 but i think thast because they don't have plans for one of them. miku hasn't changed much as well but she is more open about fuutarou.


its not a bad anime but its not the best. it did have those cheesy cringe moment but that will always be in anime if they're adapting from a manga. or maybe not and its only happening more recently but i wouldn't know. i did somewhat enjoy watching this anime or season. for every anime i've watched i've lowered their rating a bit because i don't like them being too big and there is no and will never be a perfetc, 5 star anime. i don't think people read reviews for a sequel and with a high star rating but im just writing about my opinion about it, as i should.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Mar 26, 2021

This show is best harem romance that will keep you entertained characters are realy good i Loved season one second just blow my mind am at they when last episode was aired i rewatch whole story 24 eps and it was glorius i realy loved 

Fun think in first season Futaro got blue eyes in Second got Gold color 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 29, 2021

somehow this anime was better than the first one. The problem with the show is the same problem with the first one. The problem is that there is only 12 episodes. story is a 8 becuase the story in my opinon is better then the last gotobun no hanyome. Animation is a 9 becuase the animaton is amazing even better then the first gotobun no hanyome. sound is a 8 its just as good as the first anime. Characters is a 9 becuase every single character has deep feelings and a lot of backstory. not everyone of the Characters has deep feelings and backstory but the ones in the spotlight is amazing character development wise. Overall this anime is a 8.5 in my opinon. i would recommend to watch this anime if you like harem anime and if you like short animes. btw gonna watch the entire season three:).

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Feb 22, 2021

This season is AMAZING, i already loved season 1 but the season 2 is AMAZING i just recommend it to anyone that is looking if the anime is good and didnt watch it yet just go watch it now!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Apr 19, 2021

I've read and finished the manga so that influences my opinion heavily. Just a heads up, but I feel this season was worse than the first AS a manga reader. Mainly because they cut, edited, and condensed certain parts of the manga. The writing is off because of it and as another reviewer mentioned, the tension of who wins is significantly lessened with the way it's shown in the anime right now with how it's cut up season wise.

Story gets a 6 because the source material is inherently pretty good, but it'd be higher if they didn't edit and cut content from the manga. Lots of small and fun interactions between characters were cut to squeeze a decent amount of story into 12 episodes. Also they added stuff that wasn't in the manga in order to fit the narrative they were trying to tell in 12 episodes. It makes sense for what they were trying to do, but it's just worse than the manga and hurts the original narrative the manga went for too much imo.

Animation is a 4 because I subjectively feel it got worse from the 1st season. The art in the manga is really nice, but the thing that really irked me is that the animation just feels so... Lazy and lacking in s2. Combine that with the current studio's art style and it just makes the voice acting feel out of place compared to what I'm watching. I feel the studio change really dropped the ball for me.

Same goes for the sound; it gets a 5 that's entirely carried by voice actor work. The director often just let really generic music play across scenes without any sort of smart sound directing. There was at least one point where I was expecting the music to stop or turn a certain way, but it just kept playing. It felt really jarring and hurt the quality of the scene. I'm not one to usually pay a ton of attention to this sort of thing, so when I can notice it, it feels particularly bad.

It's a shame because the voice actors did amazing work; especially Matsuoka. I used to dislike hearing the MC's voice actor's voice because he has a history of voicing really lame characters (cough harem gary stu protagonists cough), but he really out did himself with his gag voice game in this show.

 Characters get a 6 because the source material is good as mentioned, but also as mentioned the hecking directing and choice cuts to condense into 12 episodes makes certain characters motivations just off and weird at times. Seriously if people enjoyed the revelations done in this anime for characters, I can tell you it's at least noticeably better in the manga because it doesn't hammer stuff over the head like crazy. I get that it's the best the anime could do in 12 episodes, because if they kept certain things more vague like in the manga, they wouldn't have time to reach the revelation itself, but it's still a dang shame is why I'm writing this.

Overall 5/10. I feel the writing was hurt too much by the directing and the 12 episode format. And I'm normally not one to judge an anime by it's animation and sound quality, but it stood out enough to detract my enjoyment from the good writing in the source material here for me. I know it sounds condescending, but you will have a blast with the manga if you liked the anime!

6/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall