The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

Alt title: Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd Season

TV (11 eps)
3.215 out of 5 from 14,102 votes
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The older children of Grace Field have managed to escape from the demons trying to eat them and their treacherous caretaker, Isabella, but the outside world is very different from what they envisioned. Every day is a fight for survival as they strive to avoid being killed or recaptured, and the lines between friend and foe become blurred when they learn that not all demons are monsters. Following clues laid out for them by the mysterious William Minerva, Emma and company seek a safe haven for their family, but they only have two years to accomplish their goal before Phil and their youngest siblings back at the farm are shipped out and processed as demon food. In a world of secrets where not all humans can be trusted and not all demons are demonic, how can they be sure their choices are right, or that their actions will actually lead them to the salvation they seek?

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UPDATE AFTER THE LAST EPISODE OF THIS SEASON:Forget it, go read the damn manga, forget this adaptation ever existed, plain bullshit.LAST UPDATE JUST BECAUSE:Bring Yuugo back.SPOILER WARNING. Yakusoku no Neverland second season has become a very controlversial subject, with the majority of people downvoting it because of the lack of important information, characters and the change of the plot. This season takes place post the kids' escape and explores their survival in the outside world that is far different than what they originally pictured it as.COMPLAINT:Firstly, I wanna mention that I am, indeed, a manga reader and I'm disappointed in this season. The story hasn't changed as much, but it feels like it because of the missing chapters. In fact, they have skipped over 60 chapters, important arcs and never introduced characters that were supposed to appear at some point, leaving us manga readers hopeless about them even making it in the show even later on. Although it has been said that the Anime will not be following the manga, it feels as if they are trying to follow it as much as possible while messing the whole thing up and removing different things from the original plot, example: Episode 6. I'm not going to analyze every episode in this review, though. They have skipped stuff, yes. They have removed stuff, yes. They have changed a lot, yes. And it even feels as if the emotions of each character stopped seeming strong and indicating the work and effort that has been put. To conclude, so far, the story is plain simple while it could have been SO MUCH MORE with whatever else the manga has to offer. I am disappointed, but of course it isn't the worst of this season and definitely not a terrible sequel. Since Episode 6 seemed to be one of the best and not as crap as Ep 5 or 4, the season has potential to become better, but of course not the point where we wished for, that is almost impossible considering the way it's going now, sadly.DETAILED INFO ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY WAS REMOVED:-Goldy Pong Battle Arc (Oh, please, you NEED to read this one!)-Cuvitidala Arc -King of Paradise Arc-Seven Walls Arc-Imperial Capital Battle Arc-Return to Grace Field Arc-Human World Arcplus 30+ non-adapted new characters"tHeY DiD aN oKaY jOb aT aDapTinG iT iN sHOrT" No. There's a difference between removing everything manga-related thus changing the whole story and removing the most important parts (that developed characters as well as the story) thus leaving what's left to adapt, resulting in a horrible unlogical pacing. In this case, they did the second and that's not okay. If you're gonna remove these stuff, then just change the whole story. CHARACTERS:Never talked about YnN's cast before, but one of its weak points is that it doesn't have many mesmerizing characters no matter how big the number is. Although you have been introduced to so many kids, few of them make it to the "memorable" list. However, if I am to talk about the ones that do make it, there are a lot to say but I won't get into much detail yet. The trio of Emma, Ray and Norman has always been one of my personal favorites, all three of them having strong personality traits that you can love for the reason that they differ so much. Emma is the hope and happiness of the group, dedicated to achieving her own future with her family. She's determined, smart, brave, as well as highly optimistic, but also very naive at times. Sure, her hyper kind of personality and her excessive positivity can get annoying, however, without her high spirits, the rest of the cast wouldn't have made it this far. Ray is an analyst and strategist who at first preferred to be on his own, kind of emo don't you think? Although later on he's proven to be a teamplayer and has a soft spot for his friends. However, his weak point is how he cannot go further than his calculations. Norman, lastly, is the genius of the group. He's usually the one to first think of a solution or solve a case, as well as discover the most about something. He's the smartest, however, he's as kind, caring and loving as a friend. Each of them miss something the others have, completing each other.Isabella is an interesting case. She's introduced as the foster carer of all the kids and obviously a caring and soft hearted woman. Turns out she's actually the main antagonist of the plot and plays an active role in assigning orphans for literal death. What's interesting is that there's not really reason behind her doings, which we may mostly see behind other villains, she has simply accepted the fact that the world is bound to work like that and if she wishes survival, this is the way to go (especially after having her kid taken away from her). It's a shame because she could have had a lot more depth into her, but we mainly get an almost kind of bland 180 turn in her character (manga) that basically scratches out everything that she had previously done and involved herself in for the sake of survival. She suddenly turns good and goes "actual mother mode" and teams up with Emma and the rest, but does that really erase everything else? Is she up for forgiveness? Because there's no way in hell we could ever justify her, or can we? A few other manga characters were eye-catching enough, but hey, if you're interested, you should read for yourself.SOUND & ANIMATION:I never had a complaint about the sound and the animation of YnN. Cloverworks had satisfied me enough with the budget of the first season, especially the soundtracks, as the Anime itself never really focused on animating intense and dynamical scenarios, action isn't the show's strongest point. For an Anime that is not willing to focus on that, it is a pretty decent production (I am aware of the CGI of the demon in s2 and that it ain't the best looking CGI, but it wasn't that bad for me to talk about it more). The sound, on the other hand, is for me one of YnN's strongest aspects, with incredibly beautiful OST's to listen to and relax at one moment, and get the total chills the next.-NEVERMIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANYTHING THAT SAYS "it's not that bad" IN THIS REVIEW IS FALSE. IT IS A TERRIBLE SEQUEL!RECOMMENDATION: Read the manga and start from Chapter 38 if you don't want to review everything that happened back in s1.

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