The Nameko Families

Alt title: Nameko-ke no Ichizoku

The Nameko Families

The Nameko Families Episode 2 - Happily Married

A married couple.

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Sukiyaki Dinner image

Episode 1

Sukiyaki Dinner

Happily Married image

Episode 2

Happily Married

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Episode 3

Sister's First Love

Catching the Cold image

Episode 4

Catching the Cold

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Episode 5

The Cousin Visits

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Episode 6

Little Friend

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Episode 7

Picnic Fun

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Episode 8

Grandma's Album

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Episode 9

My Uncle

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Episode 10

It's Tough Being the Older Brother

Out with Mom image

Episode 11

Out with Mom

General Shop image

Episode 12

General Shop

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