The Mystical Laws

Alt title: Shinpi no Hou

Movie (1 ep x 120 min)
2.009 out of 5 from 72 votes
Rank #9,323
The Mystical Laws

The film takes place in 201X, when the newly-formed "Empire of Godom" is threatening to take over the world by using mysterious technology offered to them by Reika Chan, the mysterious female president of a trading company. The protagonist of the film Sho Shishimaru is the one man who has the "mystical technology" that can stop the Empire of Godom, but after being hunted down by the Empire, he is saved by "mysterious Indians," who tell him about a prophecy about the "second coming of a savior."

Source: ANN

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Jisu's avatar
Jisu Jan 30, 2018
Score 4/10

The premise of the movie is really interesting but fell short. It ended up being not awful but not good either. If your interest in the movie is mild, don't watch it. Story - 4/10 The story felt all over the place and the pacing was stange. Their take on religion was interesting and was really the only thing that kept me watching it. Also, aliens out of no where half way through the movie in an attempt... read more

GigiDk8's avatar
GigiDk8 Oct 6, 2017
Score 10/10

Ooww! This anime movie was really powerful in the sence of the spiritual connection that we all posses but not pay much attention or even notice that we have, Is a good movie to watch if your looking for spirituality or peace of mind, something that will make you reflect twice of how your life is doing and were is going, it has a valuable lesson of unity, love, and respect. I really enjoy it even tho I'm not a... read more



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