The Mystical Laws

Alt title: Shinpi no Hou

Movie (1 ep x 120 min)
2.814 out of 5 from 84 votes
Rank #14,313
The Mystical Laws

The film takes place in 201X, when the newly-formed "Empire of Godom" is threatening to take over the world by using mysterious technology offered to them by Reika Chan, the mysterious female president of a trading company. The protagonist of the film Sho Shishimaru is the one man who has the "mystical technology" that can stop the Empire of Godom, but after being hunted down by the Empire, he is saved by "mysterious Indians," who tell him about a prophecy about the "second coming of a savior."

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The premise of the movie is really interesting but fell short. It ended up being not awful but not good either. If your interest in the movie is mild, don't watch it. Story - 4/10 The story felt all over the place and the pacing was stange. Their take on religion was interesting and was really the only thing that kept me watching it. Also, aliens out of no where half way through the movie in an attempt to keep your interest was just plain weird. There was a bunch of plot holes as well, some where filled in the last 5-10 minutes of the movie but most were not and they even created more plot holes by adding more plot lines right at the end of the movie. It was almost like they were trying to put at 50 episode anime into a two hour movie. They failed by the way. Animation - 4.5/10 The animation at times was alright for an anime movie from 2012 but there were movies that year that had better animation. The 3D they used was awful and looked like it belonged in a low budget kids tv show. There was only a handful of times were I thought the animation was really beautiful and it was normally any parts involing the spirits or the spirit world. Sound - 6/10 The only reason I put this section fairly high was because the score was quite lovely and really touching. The voice was meh. Most of the time everyone sounded weirdly unemotional or the emotion sounded super forced, like they were forcing it on you. Sometimes the characters would just randomly change pitch in voice for no reason as well. There was also alot of weird slow talking, as if there were trying to drag a scene on to fill time. Characters - 3.5/10 I didn't really even know who the main character was until about 20 minutes into the movie. Based on the way the movie opens, I thought it would have been the villian but it's not. It's some man who has random visions everyone just accepts and do not question at all. (I'm serious, there is a scene where he has a vision and just tells someone to do something to stop the vision from coming true and they do what he says. After that they just calmly say he has visions to someone who doesn't know the guy and they are just like "ooohhh". I, personally, would be freaking out.) The main character isn't even that interesting, he is really plain and boring. The only interesting characters are the villian and an alien chick. Overall - 4/10 I would honestly say, don't waste your time to watch it if you don't have to. There are better things. The only reason it got as high as it did is because the soundtrack was really good but that doesn't save an anime if everything else is bad.

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