The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Alt title: Taiyou no Ko Esteban

TV (39 eps)
- 1983
3.808 of 5 from 664 votes
Rank #1,943

In the sixteenth century, Esteban is a Spanish orphan who travels the seas with Mendoza - the man who saved him from dying in the midst of a storm, when Esteban was just a child. With Esteban in tow, Mendoza has set forth to the new world in search of the Mysterious Cities of Gold and riches beyond his wildest dreams - but all Esteban really wants is to search for the location of his father. The duo is also joined by the Incan girl Zia, as only she can translate the writings that will help lead them to the treasure. Mendoza, while seemingly caring, has ambiguous motives; though the intentions of Commander Gomez and Captain Gaspard are clear: find all of the gold that they can, and step on anyone that gets in their way...

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roriconfan Jun 13, 2012
Score 7/10

Yet another animated series I watched as a kid and had no idea it was to the most part made by Japanese people. Then again, it was so good to be made by any other country so that pretty much explains it. Technically, The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TMCOG) was the One Piece of anime back in the early 80’s. It is a children’s adventure regarding seeking treasure, discovering ancient civilizations... read more



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