The Moment You Fall in Love

Alt title: Sukininaru sono shunkan wo.

Movie (1 ep x 63 min)
3.65 out of 5 from 1,352 votes
Rank #2,977

Their initial encounter couldn't have been more disastrous, and yet before she knows it, Hina finds her heart pounding. Drawn to Koyuki, a former upperclassman at her middle school, Hina makes up her mind to go to the same high school. Along with her childhood friend, Kotaro, she enrolls at Sakuragaoka High School. Will Hina be able to confess her love to her beloved senpai?

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I watched this because my friend loves Honeyworks, and to be honest if I weren't already familiar with the characters I would have rated this even lower. Story: This movie focuses on Setoguchi Hina who is pining for her senpai, the bumbling Ayase Koyuki. Her next-door neighbor, Enomoto Kotaro, is pining after her, but she's completely oblivious because he likes being a tsundere. The story was the weakest point of the movie for me. I saw the music videos prior to watching the movie, so I knew what was going to happen, but the ending was still so frustrating! There was a whole hour of build up to this one scene, and it deflated like the saddest soufflé ever. There wasn't even that much content in that hour. The whole thing could've fit into a five-minute MV and it did. Characters:  There are quite a few characters in this series and they're all connected to each other in some way in the love polygon. All the characters are unique and distinct from each other in some way imo, which is kind of impressive. My favorite character was Hiroshi Kamiya aka Yuu aka the one who Bunf*cker doesn't deserve. Too bad he had maybe ten seconds of screen time. Animation:  The art style is very pretty and the colors are vibrant, but the animation isn't anything special, especially for a movie. Sound: I'm giving the soundtrack a 10/10 because Mafumafu was in it. Bias aside, it's genuinely pretty good. I only wish the original songs were used more throughout the movie. Overall:  Watch the music videos/10

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