The Legendary Hero Is Dead!

Alt title: Yuusha ga Shinda!

TV (12 eps)
3.176 out of 5 from 2,216 votes
Rank #13,233

Touka is just your average (slightly perverted) farmer in the village of Cheza. While he daydreams about being a hero and getting the girl, the real hero, Sion, is out battling demons that threaten to invade the world! But one day, Touka accidentally kills the hero…?! With the Legendary Hero dead, who’s going to save the world now?! Touka quickly buries Sion’s body to hide the evidence, but wakes up the next day to discover he is no longer in his own body…!!

Source: Shogakukan Asia

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NO SPOILERS One of those anime that is very FUN to watch, however is not particularly good in any way. Solid average anime which you're likely to enjoy, but unlikely that you will love it. Based on my rating system, the anime is a 6/10. I liked it, but wasn't anything special. In fact, it's a LITTLE BIT boring the fact that the protagonist is so extremely POWERLESS. In a lot of "powerless protagonist" anime, there's some VERY creative way in which the protagonist utilises either his companions, or strategy, in order to defeat much stronger opponents, but here it's... kinda just... not that creative at all, with maybe one exception? Usually, whenever the protagonist's back was against the wall, he actually prepared for the GROUND TO COLLAPSE on the opponent. The repetition of which I found mildly funny in itself, but creativity-wise is very uninspired. Perhaps if the writer was self-aware, he could have made slight alterations to the anime, to turn it into more of a gag anime where the lack of originality would have been transformed into slightly-funny humour instead. But of course, that didn't happen. Opportunities wasted, instead yet another average anime was created. If you value your time, don't watch this. But if you are a hardcore anime fan like me, you'll probably feel like you're missing out by not watching even the worse anime like this one. Or you don't mind wasting your time on mediocre animations. Either way, regardless of what you decide to do, I don't think you will have a terrible time watching this anime, unless you're some hardcore critic who does this for a job instead of a casual hobby.


The Legendary Hero is Dead! It's not a spoiler; it's right there in the title. The legendary hero Shion Bladearts had seemingly fulfilled his mission of closing the Gates of Hell three years ago. But that is another story. Instead, we follow Touka Scott, a humble radish farmer who loves luscious thighs...especially when they have black kneesocks. One day, Shion arrives in his town, smells some good meat cooking...and falls into a demon pit Touka set. With the Hell Gate opening once more, a new hero arises. That is, Anri Haynesworth, a necromancer, places Touka's soul into Shion's body keeping his real one hostage so he could finish what Shion started. It's another one of those guilty pleasure watches that makes it for me is the characters. Touka himself is a "hero" only in the loosest of terms. Instead of some overpowered MC, Touka was born with little mana and his combat skills are zilch. He is largely only taking the task to get his body back and lacks some of the traditional heroic characteristics. However, that is what makes him interesting: what he lacks in magical or physical prowess, he makes up by being a master trap setter and manipulator who takes advantage of some people's base desires. But even if he's self-motivated, he does still have a sense of justice: he is willing to save Yuna Yuris despite her treating him like trash along with his friends. His only real gripe is his utter love of thighs. Like, dude, I get that you love thighs, but maybe instead of trying to drape some girls in black kneesocks, how about instead you keep focused on the task at hand? He was even willing to spare a demon just because he was a fellow comrade. The supporting cast is more simplistic: Yunis is the target of fanservice and is hot-headed and often disgusted with Touka's perversions though she does hesitate when Margaret states that she wanted to marry Touka. It is made apparent that she is also aware that years ago, Touka was the one who saved her instead of Shion. Anri is the "cuteness" of the Hero Party who was responsible for setting the series into motion. She can be stupid and naive sometimes, but it is because she was loyal to Shion because he treated her like a human rather than a monster for being a necromancer. Margaret was a princess of the Kingdom of Farom who originally pledged her love to Shion only to gradually fall for Touka. Not much to say there aside from how she used to have a mana deficiency disorder where she had to eat massive quantities of food to combat it. What also helps the show is that it is funny with a few scenes having me almost roll on the floor with a barrel of laughter. Just the fact that the legendary hero was seemingly bested by a simple trap is hilarious, but what sealed it was the villagers agreeing to chip in and hide the body. Another time is when Touka's head falls off and is punted around almost as if it were a football. I won't go out on a limb and call it the funniest anime of this season, but I find myself laughing more than a few times. Even if the show is nothing to really write off, what I really love about the show is the music. Come on, you cannot tell me with a straight face that SHINDA! by Masayoshi Oishi is not straight fire. It is one of the few opening themes of an anime that I do not skip because it's such a tune to jam to. I could imagine it being played in a club, or better yet, it has the aesthetics of a Halloween song. Makes me wish the show was released in the fall season because everything about it screams "This is Halloween." If you want a show where you can just turn your brain off, this is the one.

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