The Legend of Snow White

Alt title: Shirayuki-hime no Densetsu

TV (52 eps)
1994 - 1995
3.38 out of 5 from 86 votes
Rank #7,289
The Legend of Snow White

The Kingdom of Greenvalley and its King and Queen are blessed by the birth of a beautiful baby girl called Princess Snow White, a name so chosen owing to the appearance of her milk-white skin. The little girl grows happy and healthy, and when her fourth birthday arrives, her parents give her three delightful pets for her presents: Milk, a puppy who craves milk, Pocket, a kitten small enough to be carried around in a pocket, as well Cucù, a dove who coos all day long. Following her birthday, Snow White’s mother, Queen Rosebud, falls ill and leaves the land of the living. But, before she passes away, she makes the King promise that he will remarry. The King keeps his promise and marries Chrystel, a strikingly gorgeous woman, who, as the years go by, becomes jealous of Snow White’s beauty. On Snow White’s twelfth birthday, the King leaves for war. It is then that Chrystel, finally left alone with poor Snow White, reveals her true character...

Source: Mondo World

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