The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Northern War

Alt title: Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki

TV (12 eps)
2.913 out of 5 from 516 votes
Rank #16,091

In the Year 1205 of the Septian calendar, Lavian Winslet is a girl born and raised in the poorest region of North Ambria, located in the northwestern part of the Zemurian continent. In order to protect her hometown and to prove that she is different from her grandfather, Vlad, who was once revered as a hero but betrayed North Ambria, she joins the largest Jaegers group on the continent, known as the Northern Jaegers. She volunteers as a hunter and carries out her duties. One day, Lavian, who is immersed in her mission and repeatedly violates the rules, is ordered to form a platoon with Martin S. Robinson, Iseria Frost, and Talion Drake on a reckless secret spy mission to the Erebonia Empire. Together they must get information about the possible existence of "Hero of the Empire" that threatens North Ambria.

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This anime is a bit of a letdown.  Frankly it had one of THE WORST and most dissatisfying endings I've EVER seen in an anime.  The last 2 or 3 episodes felt really rushed as if the direct the plot or half the script from them.  Visually, it looks pretty good and more or less decent characters but there are moments where the characters feel a bit carbon copied or lacking depth.  Sadly, the strongest, deepest, and most well developed characters are mostly the minor or support characters.  Such as the Biggs and Wedge clones that follow Lavi like diehard near stalker fanboys.  The ending doesn't live up to the expectations or plot development and the reaction and behavior of the patriotic main characters don't match how things turned out or at least not with respect as the story stands. In some ways the entire anime can feel like filler episodes, because much of the plot is centered around touring and delving into minor plots or side story arcs.  It's an anime you may think you really want to like but it lacks enough content and even originality and solid storytelling or depth considering it's supposed to involve drama and diplomatic intrigue.  It doesn't live upto the typical political drama standards.  The main cast technically has a pretty good start and foundation but it's also rather incomplete.  This might be or at least feel exacerbated because of the last minute rush in the last episodes. Overall, it's at least watchable but you may want to stop before tge big ending as it's a huge ass letdown.  On the plus sides; tge mayor exosuits / mechas is a bit different from the norm and in some ways similar to Knight and Magic.  The characters are likable and have good chemistry comraderie.  The side characters are oddly, written better than most of the major characters.  While the action is pretty steady, good, and solid throughout, it does run out of steam in the last episode or two just like the plot and conclusion.

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