The Kingdoms of Ruin - Reviews

Alt title: Hametsu no Oukoku

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Nov 19, 2023

My goodness, this anime was very edgy, to the point I ended up dropping it. Usually if it's a seasonal anime, I try to see it through to the end, but in this case, there wasn't anything that was keeping me around to watch it. It wasn't even so bad that it was good. When I was watching it, I was just disgusted with the different acts that were portrayed, nothing else caught on.

With the story and characters, majority of the existing characters, to the point I had watched to, were just absolutely awful, and by that, I mean that they weren't likable or good. Everyone wanted to kill the other. It was to the point that there was so much death and other things I won't bother mentioning, that all of it began to lose any significance and instead just turned into something edgy. Nothing felt like it had meaning or emotion within it. The anime, Code Geass is sort of similar to this anime in terms of revenge and death, yet Code Geass was able to portray this in a much more meaningful way, such as showing the consequences of the death on the people and Lelouch's remorse. Yet for this, from what I watched, there wasn't any sort of thing. There was just people mindlessly dying and that's about it. Even not counting the dying, there were many, graphic scenes to say the least that just seemed to be there for the reason of it being brutal and terrible, yet not adding anything to the plot or characters. It all felt meaningless and just edge for the sake of it.

With animation and sound, they were not very good, mostly the animation, especially as the anime continued on. There were many awkawardly animated scenes, where either the characters were drawn in a very off way or the animation didn't flow well. None of it felt captivating.

Beyond that, I really don't have much to say about this anime. I don't recommend it. The characters weren't likable, the story wasn't interesting and the animation was not very good. It was overflowing with just brutality for the sake of it, and in my opinion, far too much of it, to the point that I had to drop it. Therefore I don't think very highly of this anime.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Dec 4, 2023

another rare show i tried to finish but couldnt its just so bad, imagine the most "depressed" 14 y/o making the most edgy story he could think of after his e girlfriend dumped him and this is what we would get. all the worst troupes and cliches wrapped into one ball of garabge. definetly avoid like the plague

4/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Dec 10, 2023

A promising, mindless revenge story quickly devolves into a 12 year old's sugar high induced moshpit of nonsense and instant gratification.

I have watched well over 13k episodes of anime and this is one of the worst. I cannot for the life of me come up with much I have disliked more than this, maybe something like one of the failed Saint Seiya renditions or Highschool DxD.

This anime does not tell a story past episode 1. The mangaka either lost sight of the story when writing, or the manga was about to be cancelled and he/she attempted to turn it into a hack and slash, soulless Gurren Lagann or Akame Ga Kill wannabe. 

The animation was pretty bad. Excluding the first episode, it is just lots of motionless jumps to pass time and avoid drawing more frames.

The voice acting (dub) was average and for some reason the best VA was to a character who dies right off the bat leaving the rest lackluster, except the emperor. 

The sound was fine. Neither good nor bad.

The characters are empty. They are not even characters, there is no personality or ego, no identity, and definitely no development. It's like watching a themepark built by someone who has never actually seen or been to a themepark.

Overall: A complete waste of time. I regret watching 7 episodes hoping it turns into something after seeing how decent the first episode was. Everything about this show is done for the shock factor and there is nothing meaningful to be seen here.


1/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Nov 12, 2023

The absolute worst. This show is disgusting on so many levels that I have no other words for it.

1/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Dec 2, 2023

Before I start, I'm writing the review after episode 9, if my mind changes by the end of the series, I will change it. Highly doubt that since it's only better with each episode, but anything can happen. To be honest I didn't want to watch it at first cause I have seen the reviews but after seeing the overall rating and my curiosity of why are the only two reviews like that, I just watched it. I'm actually glad I did it since it's not as bad as everyone here said and feels kind of unique to me compared to the other revenge animes which mostly falls with the main character being goody guy. 


ep 1 -3

This story is kind of... dark. From mindlessly killing people into sexual robots fcking a corpse in a pleasure district (Episode 9.). Well let's start. The story is about a revenge (who would have guessed). Our main character adoniss witnesses his guardian being brutally killed by humans and decides to take a revenge on them. There are two specias which are humans and witches. Both of these live peacfully untill humans realizes that they don't need witches anymore and decides to kille them since they might become a threat to them + to show their strenght. Adonis (MC) is an aprentice of a witch named Chloe, both of them gets captured and teleported into a big podium surrounded by humans. Chloes tries to fight back but thanks to an anti-magic device she cannot do sht. Adonis watches all this while swearing that he will kill all of them and save Chloe, but his magic also doesn't work and so he is sentenced to watch Chloe die and then is send to a prison. He is the only human that can use magic and so they put him into a capsule to study how is that possible.

The focus in the prison is put on Doroka who is a kind hearted witch disguised as a female slave. She swaps her number with her friends and gets taken to the office, where she manages to get the phone, open all cells and free Adonis. He takes off while also killing everyone that stands in his way and marches on the human city murdering a lot of people. When he is almost captured he gets teleported into the witches world which is located on the moon. The witch that teleported him makes a dummy to make humans think they got him. Doroka dies while participating on the mission to free him and getting him to the witch country.

ep 4 - 6

In the witch land witches asks Adonis to revive Chloe. They show him the last tree which is able to produce witches and shows him how he could do it. They also give him back his fetther wind (dunno how to call it) and he acts like that's what he is gonna do. He also gets yelled at by the girl that took him there cause Doroka died - they were friends. Adonis in nitshell tells her to fck off. When the ritual is taking place, Adonis on the last second changes the person he is thinking about to Doroka and revives her instead of Chloe, because she doesn't deserve to be revieved in such a disgusting world ruled by humans. 

After that human soldiers shows up (thanks to Adonis giving them location) and starts masacring everyone and everything. Adonis fights against both, thanks to Doroka who uses something like a love magic, he kills everyone smoothly and even mocks her. She tries to persuade Adonis to stop killing everyone but in conclussion he just tells her that she is dumb and proceeds to mock her while murdering everyone. Then when almost everyone is dead, he puts a skin of the soldiers leader on his face and calls humans. They are aware of him and tries to teleport him but since he is mimicking the voice of the leader, he changes the location into desert + he also takes Doroka with him because he finds her magic very usefull.

ep 7 - 9

This is where the plost satrts to slow down showing us more of what happened to the humans that live outside of the main city. It also brings a lot of comic and cute moments between the two characters. And we can see some changes in his personality. He listens to Doroka a little + also shows us his kind side when he puts down the pleasure robots when they ask him. After that he gently uses his magic to put down all the other robots. 


This is a veeeeeeeeery short version of what happens. My favorite scene is probably the one from pleasure district where the robots are questioning their existence and asks to be putted down. the ide of a pleasure city which doesn't survive is a nice idea, since that's probably what would happen if such a nice robots that are great at mimicking women, existed. Human pleasure can be a good weapon to destroy it self for sure. I also like the funny and goofy moments, I normally don't like characters that has "being kind" as the main trait but Doroka nails them. A lot of people were like "there is a lot of character but they all die, what's the point of trying to make us connect to the character then" and I see no problem in that. Everybody got their reasons to fight Adonis and showing us what the character is capable of and his reasons for fighting him is a good in my opinion. We know why the character went to such an extend etc. Like when Adonis watched Chloe died, that scene made a good sense. Chlose was the strongest witch and by making all the people witness that humans could make sure to show off their strenght and strenght of the science. To show off that they are superior witch technology and they have nothing to fear now. Adonis got also a perfect reason to kill everyone, they all witnessed and laughed at her death. For him they are all as guilty as those who made the orders as well as those that shooted her.


The first episodes are bad animated, to be honest I don't know if it got better or I just gotten used to it. the background looks nice though. The music is not much memorizable nor iconic hit, but goes nice with the atmosphere.



He is the type of dude you tell to not kill someone and he will do exactly the opposite. I found myself chuchle at the moment when Doroka told him to not kill the person he was holding up in the air and he just looked at her and squashed him. Even though he starts up like the "I have to kill everyone" through the story he actually doesn't kill some humans (Camp) thanks to Doroka's influence. The start of the series shows us that he doens't mind killing people from soldiers thorugh innocent citizens to kids. He gets angry easily but as well emberassed when someone shows any kindness to him. He is kind of llike a tsundere. Sociopathic tsundere at that.


She works as a nice moral compas for Adonis. She is goofy and kind, she always wanted to meet Adonis to know who Chloe choose over her species and so she is trying to make him be good because "Chloe wouldn't want him to be like that". She is a scaredy cat so she makes trouble for Adonis when they are at some scary place thanks to her screaming, she also follows him when he tells her not to and just follows him everywhere. She brings comedy to the series and thanks to her naive view also trusts easily. When Adonis yells at her that her whole family got murdered thanks to him, I really liked the scene where she yells back that she is not okay, and is just coping with it by smiling.


My after though is that this is not as bad as people might think. If you go to this as "Ughh edgy sht" then ofcourse you won't have much fun hate watching it. I'm having a good time watching this series and it's a fresh air compared to the animes where everyone survives and everyone is good and the hero changes evryone's mind by talking with them and doesn't kill anyone because "murder is bad".

8/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall