The Great Cleric

Alt title: Seija Musou

TV (12 eps)
3.776 out of 5 from 3,787 votes
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One man’s story of turning blood, sweat, and tears into a successful living—literally! After his untimely death as the hardest-working salary man in Japan, Luciel is reincarnated into the magical fantasy world Galdardia. Always the man with a plan, he recreates himself to be a healer, and sets about making his way in the world. But while Luciel knows a thing or two about making money, he knows absolutely nothing about Galdardia. Will his good heart and great work ethic be enough to make him…The Great Cleric?

Source: Kodansha

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Main character is hardworking salaryman, who is reincarnated after he is randomly killed. He chooses to be healer not knowing what hardships are ahead of him, but thanks to his earnest nature he steadily walks path of becoming stronger and increasingly popular among adventurers [1] and common people. Quite straightforward isekai levelling story combined with comedy. The story is quite enjoyable despite seeming rather bland given the story’s focus is mostly on MC’s training. The first six episodes is nothing but training and interactions in those settings. The second half sees at least some real action. MC is likeable even if he is being source of various comical moments so his cool factor somewhat suffers. He picks the most effective way to progress, even if such way is harder. His decision process is twisted by his ignorance and occasional misunderstandings. There are reoccurring side characters including not just strict mentors, but pretty girls as well. There isn’t fanservice at least as far as I can remember. It has trope of high luck status for MC too. Animation is ok, nothing that would blown me away. Soundtrack is ok and already forgot the OP and ED. Despite the season having full standard twelve episodes it made impression of being rather short. In a way the MC evolved in second half [2] I felt desire to see how the story will continue. Therefore, it’s very likely I will pick manga adaptation, which is ahead. More importantly it indicates that the series is interesting even if at the core is just isekai levelling and bit of silliness. It was supposed to be more boring, but I did watch this one regularly. Overall way more enjoyable than Okashi na Tensei. Check first two episodes and if you don’t like it by then, there is no reason to continue. Spoilers [1] Unfortunately his popularity is skewed by his nickname of “super-masochist zombie”, because he is undergoing gruesome training and drinking disgusting training drink known as “Substance X”. Later on his nickname evolves into “Sei-hen”*, which means “Holy weirdo”. [2] Mainly in the final segment, where he clears the dungeon and gets special blessing. *「聖変」


The was a well done anime about fantasy except for how annoying and irritating the main character is.  The world building in the story was fairly well done, the character development was ok though I think the reason for the lack of this is that they spent most of their time adding new characters at new loctions throughout the season.  The action scenes were very simplistic and a very weak point for this anime, but the interactions between characters was the strong point.  The MC is a good person trying to do what is right, it is just his personality is bad.  The MC is always whining, crying, doubting, is dense, and constantly portrays a very weak individual.  The MC needs hand holding all the time as if he is a child.  The animation of the characters was also very cut and paste.  The girls almost all have the same features so it is like clones with some different colors used to differentiate them.  The backgrounds were well done, just the characters themselves seemed lacking in being distinguised from each other.  The voice actors/actresses did a good job, though for me the MC voice and personality were super annoying and irritating, though I know the voice actor for the MC has done well in other roles.  The story does build itself over time through the actions and adventures and interactions of the MC till the very end.  I like the concept of the gracious healer who tries to do what is right and just in a world where the majority of healers are esteemed and use their talents for profit instead of trying to care for their patients needs.  This anime has moral plays in it which I like, but there are also a lot of ridiculous actions and thoughts of the MC that take away from the story for me.  Enjoy!

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