The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

Alt title: Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

TV (13 eps)
3.463 out of 5 from 1,555 votes
Rank #6,841

With the new school year comes a new homeroom, new classmates, and a new desk for the timid Komura. But any trepidation he might've felt quickly dissipates when he catches sight of Mie, his new seat neighbor. Apt to quietly blurt out the most random things, the quirky Mie wears thick glasses that accentuate her lovely eyes, making Komura’s heart skip a beat! Unfortunately, Mie is pathologically forgetful and can never seem to remember to bring her glasses to class. It's not all bad, though! Her resulting squinty, mean-girl face sends Komura’s heart into overdrive too! While Komura is keen to help out and share his textbooks with Mie, will his heart give out from the almost daily strain of being up close and personal with his crush?!

Source: Square Enix

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We've had gimmick shows some good, some mediocre. There's one about a girl with a communication disorder. Or how about the one where you have a tanned girl be a teasing bully, or a similar series just with a smol woman? Then there is the one about an accident-prone young man whose girlfriend's main trait is...she keeps him from getting hurt and looking cool while doing it.   To add another gimmicky show to the mix, there is The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. In it, we follow Komura, a young man smitten by his classmate Mie Ai apparently harboring a crush on her from the first day of school. Wanting to be closer, Mie conveniently forgets her glasses that day, and thus, she is forced to lean on Komura for help.   Rinse and repeat, this is the formula for the next couple of episodes. The show, overall, is not the best, but I do at least find the main couple's interactions wholesome. In regards to everything else, it is very hit-or-miss.   For starters, there is Kaede Komura. I have a like-and-hate attitude with him. Like he can be considerate and his interactions with Mie are cute. But at the same time, his habit of overreacting to the slightest hint of cuteness Mie makes is annoying. I get that he has a crush on her and the first time she starts leaning into him due to her perception of distance being skewered, it is over-the-top and gets old fast. Chill out, man. He'd probably have a full-on stroke if Mie did something as slightly as sneeze his way.   As for Mie herself, she is the generic cute girl that does cute girl things becoming flustered when she forgets her glasses. I understand she is meant to be depicted as forgetful, but it's insane how the show tries to make contrived scenarios for how she forgets her glasses one day. At this rate, I am not even convinced she is actually that poor-sighted. I think, at some subconscious level, she intentionally forgets her glasses just to have some time with Komura. The opening even has her conveniently place her glasses on a stand when she was reading a book for chrissake.   And how is she even able to afford the insurance anytime her glasses are broken?   Ren Azuma is a pretty good character: the typical popular boy of the school, the initial concern is that he'd try to take Mie for himself since that is often how this story goes, but he is fully aware of Komura's pining for Mie and becomes a wingman which is neat.   The animation... when it is stagnant, it looks fine. Some scenes look beautiful and the lighting is decent, but when the characters start moving, it's like the camera is being piloted by a moving skateboard with how it takes some odd angles, especially in the first episode. It almost made me feel some motion sickness by seeing the camera swiveling around.

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