The Garden of Sinners Movie 6: Fairy Tale. (Oblivion Recording)

Alt title: Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon

Movie (1 ep x 60 min)
3.956 out of 5 from 6,203 votes
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January 1999: Apprentice mage Azaka Kokutou, Mikiya's younger sister, has been ordered by her mentor, Touko Aozaki, to investigate a certain incident in which fairies steal the memories of students at Azaka's school, Reien Academy. Azaka launches an investigation with the help of Shiki.

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Kara no Kyoukai – Boukyaku Rokuon (Oblivion Recording) is the 6<sup>th</sup> movie of 50 minutes, in this series of seinen supernatural mystery movies, featuring a bit of romance, psychological and now comedy, reimagining the Kara no Kyokai novels written by Kinoko Nasu, based in the Type-Moon universe. This events of this movie occur several months after the events of the third movie and refers to the first story in the third novel. Azaka features as the main character here, along with Shiki and departs from the adult world into a high-school. A pretentious girls-only boarding school to be precise. Most likely, you the reader have watched the previous movies and/or read my reviews of said movies. You probably have a grasp of whether you enjoy this series or not, well this is just a tad different due to Azaka replacing Touko and Kokutou in primary roles, but don’t worry, the other two are still around, just not as much as usual. This also gives viewer’s time to get to grips with her character, who hasn’t had much screen time before this. Oh and the summary on this movie's Anime-Planet homepage essentially spoils the story, will someone fix that? My recent reviews haven’t been up to the quality I strive for and I apologise. It won’t matter unless you’ve been reading the reviews of the Kara no Kyoukai movies consecutively. The explanation being I haven’t had the time to put in the effort as it’s been an evening per movie and thus only an evening for the review. I’ve also been a bit critical as I’ve been reading the novels first. I understand that not everyone reads, thus I’ll be watching this movie before having finished the equivalent chapters of the novel and we’ll see how it goes. The next lot of anime I’ll be watching (and therefore reviewing) are long 24 episode seasons. So I’ve got some time to put effort into this review and see how well it goes. Animation The quality is immaculate, to quote from my review of movie 1 (I have all of them in 1080p): “The animation quality was stunning for a 2008 ... I watched it in 1080p, the only resolution which would do it justice. The background and setting are so very detailed and the character models look very good, even at medium distance. It’s very fluid and beautiful ...” The wonderful animation style that is shared with other Type-Moon anime is still used. Familiar designs are used and characters look like characters you might have seen in the likes of Tsukihime or the Fate series. But what stand out a lot is the beautiful and artistic camera work and decisions in making certain shots. They went a bit too far with the last movie, but they probably got tired from making a 2 hour one instead of the usual 50 minutes x) Here they manage to do it well and they maintain the sensibilities form the entire series. No pervy bullshit to be found here. Sound As usual, the music for these movies is awesome. I intend to grab the official soundtrack when I can, since it’s so good. The credits have an awesome song in the background, so I felt no need to skip those credits. The background music is also very good, the mood of the music matches the scenes perfectly and overall sound design is on point. Of course this is likely due to the fact that the production value of movies is generally high compared to long anime series, it shows. As in the previous movies, the audio is available in original Japanese or you have the option of French or German dubs. While it’s nice for those who speak those languages, it makes no sense that there’s no English dub among them. This choice in audio may have been due to the fact that English subtitles are available and subtitles might not be available in the other languages. The Japanese voices here sound suitable enough, especially Shiki who is meant to sound slightly masculine due to the loss of her male alternate personality (as mentioned by Touko in the previous movie, this is Shiki’s way of remembering him). Azaka Kokutou is voiced by Ayumi Fujimura, having voiced Ayano Kannagi in Kaze no Stigma, Takashi Natsume (child) in Natsume Yuuchinjou, Saori Himemiya in Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Eiko Aizawa in Squid Girl and Midori Nishimura in Xam’d a Tale of Memories. Shiiki Ryougi is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, who has also voiced Kiyomi Takada in Death Note, Mari Makinami in the Evangelion remake, Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell Arise, Alisa in the (currently airing) God Eater anime, Mishio Amano in Kanon (2006), Crona in Soul Eater, Eto in Tokyo Ghoul and Tomoyo in Tsubasa Chronicle. Misaya Ouji is voiced by Nana Mizuki, she voiced Riful in Claymore, Misaki Kirihara in Darker than Black, Wrath in FMA, Kotoko Aihara in Itazura no Kiss, Tsugumi Shibata in Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo (next anime I’ll be watching), Touma Minami in Minami-ke and Maria in Witchblade. Touko Aozaki is voiced by Takako Honda, who voiced April in Darker than Black, Satsuki Matsumae in Hanasaku Iroha, Gimma and Leite in Gurren Lagann and King Ashura in Tsubasa Chronicle. Mikiya Kokutou is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura, he voiced Hiroyuki Hatagai in Bokurano, Tora Igarashi in Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Atsushi Murasakibara in Kuroko no Basuke, Shiki Tohno in Lunar Legend Tsukihime (same name and powers as Shiki, same universe)Kirikou Rung in Soul Eater, Hiroki Segawa in Witchblade and Ryouta Iijima in Yumekui (Dream Eater) Merry. Minor characters, Satsuki Kurogiri is voiced by Ryoutaru Okiayu and Soren Alaya is voiced by Jouji Nakata (here for what anime he’s voiced in). Characters So Azaka Kokutou is Mikiya Kokutou’s younger sister, a teenage high-school girl attending Reien Academy, a strict and pretentious girls-only boarding school. Ever since she was little, she had a frail constitution and she was sent away to live with her uncle in the countryside. She’s grown up a normal healthy individual, but her adoption by her uncle serves a personal purpose. For you see Azaka has a brother complex, she is infatuated with her blood related brother Mikiya (…yeah, I’ll talk about it down below). She’s also a bit mean to him in a very tsundere type of way, heck she outright is a tsundere. She seeks to sever the ties between them as family and also to become a prim and proper woman in his taste, so that she can finally romance him. As part of her plan, she is attending the Reien Academy in Tokyo, so she can keep an eye on him from nearby and this also gives her perks as the adoptive uncle works as a painter for the academy, which include the ability to leave school grounds during term time, something usually not allowed. Because of all of this, she harbours a deep resentment for Shiki, the one girl who her brother seems to like and is thus in the way of her love for her brother. Azaka also has a talent for the art (of magic) and is apprenticing under Touko Aozaki, the mage who happens to also be her brother’s employer and boss. Touko has tasked her with solving a case at her school, which Touko believes to involve fairies and possibly another mage. Shiki Ryougi is the same old Shiki as always, a girl from the powerful Ryougi dynasty. She’s lost her alternate male personality (who died in her place following her accident) as a result of the coma form which Shiki awoke almost a year ago. Her close call with death awakened a power within her to see lines of entropy (death) in things at will, when her eyes glow blue. She can also interact with these lines, usually with her life to kill pretty much anything, even that which might seem un-killable. This is the same power as Shiki Tohno in Tsukihime. She speaks in a vulgar manner and in a very masculine fashion, this is a result of losing SHIKI, her male alternate personality, she has also retained a bloodlust, she enjoys killing tough prey. This doesn't seem to show in this movie though :( Her skill and agility in combat is astonishing, she can take down anything even without her knife. She general doesn’t care for anyone or if she does, it doesn’t show. But in the post credits of the last movie, she complained about not having the keys to Mikiya’s apartment while hiding her blushing face… Misaya Ouji is a student at Reien academy. She is the student body president and is a devout Catholic, she goes to every Sunday mass without fail and enforces the school rules, she is Azaka’s senior. She was adopted into the Ouji family, the same surname as the director of the school. She seems to get along well with the new class D teacher Satsuki Kurogiri and was best friends with Kaori Tachibana, the girl who died in a fire a few months back. She seems to dislike the old teacher class D Hideo Hayama, who apparently left and was a dodgy guy. The new teacher looks a lot like Mikiya, according to Azaka and Shiki. Touko Aozaki is the red-haired mage, Azaka’s tutor in learning the art, Mikiya’s boss at work and just an acquaintance to Shiki who occasionally gets her jobs where she can kill with no strings attached. As well as producing dolls for both magic and art, she also solves mysteries involving supernatural elements, almost like a private eye specialising in magic. She can be a bit of a bitch at times and rather inconsiderate, unfortunately it’s usually Mikiya getting screwed by her selfish, lazy personality as she works him like a dog. She likes to smoke and her personality changes to a pleasant one when she puts on her glasses, the magic is similar to the magic glasses used by Shiki Tohno in Tsukihime. Speaking of which, the mysterious red mage who gives Shiki said glasses is Touko’s older sister, who Touko was always being compared to, when she studied at the Ordo Magi Collegium in London and she is also an alumni (ex-student) of Reien. Mikiya Kokutou is a nice guy, he has known Shiki and has essentially been her only friend since high-school. He dropped out of college afterwards and fell out with his parents due to it. He lives his own life working for Touko and taking care of Shiki who is lazy and doesn’t seem to take good care of herself. Seriously, they might as well live together with how much he visits her apartment. Of course, he holds Shiki in high regard, he was the one who was with her during the big accident a few years back and essentially saved her life by calling the ambulance. He has no aptitude for magic at all and doesn’t understand or even really care about the supernatural stuff that his boss talks usually discusses with Shiki or his sister. He is just a plain ‘muggle’ to quote Harry Potter, but a very considerate person nonetheless, he never gets angry or really argues. He’s passive, the opposite to the very aggressive Shiki. Story Reien Academy is an uptight girls-only boarding school. They are very strict with the rules and are based upon Catholic teachings, they even have a chapel and mass. Unfortunately for them, the prestigious of Japan whose children attend the academy aren’t necessarily religious, thus it’s an option. But what aren’t an option are the strict rules. The school only permits women on the premises, though in the schools very recent history, there has now been 2 male teachers. This is to cull any ‘unholy temptations’ the teenage girls may have. Among the other rules that try and minimise contact with boys is the rule that students may not leave the premises. Of course the school steeps to bribery and such, which is why Fujino Asagami was able to leave school and Azaka too, due to the important position her adoptive uncle has related to the school. This is also a school that keeps its problems to itself, in an attempt to maintain flawless public image. Because of this, they aren’t afraid to get rid of people who may blemish the schools perfect record. This is one of the reasons why Fujino, suffered silently and didn’t go to the police about her situation. It would draw too much attention to the school who would quickly get rid of her and would do nothing to help her situation, in combination with her step-father taking advantage of the situation to disown her and inherit all the Asakami’s are worth. This is stuff related to the third movie, which wasn’t mentioned in the movie, I just put it together here. A bit more lore explanation, the fairies in the Type-Moon universe aren’t the pleasant winged girl sort. Rather they are kinda vicious, like the fairies in the Hellboy universe. Fairies in Kara no Kyoukai, are the sort who like to play pranks on humans and do not care for the consequences. They don’t look like any familiar creature, they are more monstrous, but they do have distinctive wings. They are mischievous and might kill humans for fun, but not out of sheer malice. Creepy huh? A better explanation is given in the third Kara no Kyoukai novel (the one featuring this story). Fairies aren’t a good choice of familiar for a mage as they have a tendency to disobey and forward their own agenda, they are troublesome to control (which might explain something that happens in this movie). So, there have been recent troubling occurrences at Reien, a student died, a building burnt down and a teacher was supposedly fired for it all (after having all the blame dumped on him) among rumours of fairies surrounding class D. Also not mentioned in the film, students have been getting antsy and aggressive towards each other, even the best of friends. The school contacts one of its alumni to take care of it, after all, they don’t like getting outsiders involved. Tasked with the situation, Touko figures a mage is behind the fairies and decides that her apprentice Azaka can best handle the situation as she is already a student at Reien. Unfortunately, Azaka does not have arcane eyes with which to see fairies, thus Shiki is thrust into the fray, posing as a transfer student to help Azaka solve the mystery. The story is pretty damn good as is standard for these movies. They aren’t completely predictable, though there are sometimes a few obvious clues and the story in nice and complex, with twists and turns. Comparing it to the previous movies, the plot here is kinda straight-forward once the mystery is revealed, but that’s a good thing, there’s no chance of confusing the viewers. At this moment I can’t say much about missing content from the book (I’ve yet to finish it), but I have explained a couple of things which where detailed in the book, namely the atmosphere of the school and the fairy lore. It turns out the novel has an entirely different atmosphere to the pleasant comedic feel of this movie. Some major omissions including the fact that Misaya Ouji and Satsugi Kirigiri are siblings, the event triggering the investigation is the odd behaviour of class D students, Azaka almost gets caught when looking up the data by herself, Shiki's encounters with the fairies, Mikiya's phonecall is for Shiki and Azaka picks it up instead, Mikiya explains the history behind the 3 characters: Hideo Hayama, Kaori Tachibana and Satsuki Kirigiri, it explains a bit more about the drugs, horrible themes of rape, child/teenage prostitution rings and teenage prengnancy. In this case I'm actually glad the movie went a slightly different route to the book, which got unpleasant to read (not necessarily a bad thing) at one point, that I literaly had chest pains. They did miss out on explaining how horrible the faries are and some backstory on Misaya/Satsuki, which would explain why they do what they do. It also makes more sense for one action sequence towards the end. One pressing subject is the taboo of the brother complex that Azaka has, it seems quite a few people know about it, except Mikiya of course. Usually I’d rant about how wrong this is and complain about it existing, but both in the book and the movie, they depict it in a sensible and serious fashion. It’s not very annoying, Azaka getting upset at things like Shiki being competition is actually rather funny and Azaka is almost a comic relief character in this movie. She doesn’t usually spend much time with her brother nor does she actively get in the way of his life (except for making him miss the bus at the end). I remember a few terrible anime based around the whole bro-con idea and they tried to go the comedy route, but all it did was make me so bored, not even getting drunk kept me interested. Maybe it’s because this movie had such a well thought out novel to work from, but I wasn’t mad or hateful of Azaka’s character for her immoral crush on her blood-related brother. Maybe it’s because I know that she’ll never succeed (it’s illegal for siblings to get together isn’t it?), hey did you see the way Shiki and Mikiya were flirting at the end of movie 5? Conclusion Some people may dislike this because Azaka was the star and Mikiya and Touko took a back-seat, but I actually enjoyed this anime. I don’t have many complaints, maybe it’s because I haven’t finished the corresponding parts of the novels yet, to get mad about things left out. The story is more solid and simple than say the previous movie, but it was also pretty damn serious and complex in its own way, it brings in the theme of drugs (though I get the feeling there should have been more about his), but I do remember rumours about an inappropriate (and possibly illegal) relationship, which isn’t the brother complex, in the book. If they left out more creepy stuff, I will be upset. IMO, it’s better than the previous movie as there are no weird repeating scene or chronology shenanigans. I really do thing I've been a bit too harsh on thesee movies, they are pretty damn good after all. We’ve got one more movie to go as far as the original trilogy of novels go and one which fills in the most important plot of all… how did Shiki end up in a coma and lose SHIKI? And if you remember movie 2, how on earth did Mikiya survive? Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Unsettling content and mature themes (lower is better) Overall Rating: 9/10 (higher is better)


Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon is not that bad. The plot is actually rather good (though not exceptional), the animation and sound are solid, the characters are rather interesting, and it manages to be self contained. That being said, it should have either been shortened to tighten up the details and keep a stronger focus on the plot, or lengthened in order to give more depth to the characters. This is a change of pace from earlier movies in the series. It focuses on a magic using girl at a religious school, with a supernatural mystery happens there. Of course, there is much more to it then that. On the other hand, it is not a particularly unique premise and there is stiff competition in that field. The problem is that it does not manage to reach heights that other examples in the field haven't. Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon does not give us something particularly new, nor ends up being memorable. Like many parts of the Kara no Kyoukai series, this suffers from the hybrid series/movie format more than it gains from it. I viewed it like a movie, and as such, couldn't feel a particularly strong connection to the characters; that put a lot of emphasis on the plot, and some of the side characters became unecessary. Still, all in all, I can't say that Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon is a particularly bad or mediocre work. Just that it is not spectacular. Writing (Story and Characters): The plot is good, if not particularly unique, and the characters themselves are rather interesting if you have seen the earlier installations of the series, yet ultimately mediocre or too unexplained if you haven't. This is a self-contained piece, but on that needs the basis of the rest of the series to excel. Unfortunately, Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon is a stand-alone work, and as such, it is not particularly good. There is the main protagonist and antagonist which get their day in the spotlight, though that is particularly true for the former and not the latter. The side characters are somewhat important, but in essence this story could be boiled down to a cast of two main and two supporting characters. The rest just add more questions than answers unless you are relying on information from earlier in the Kara no Kyoukai series. Still, Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon is at the very least serviceable on the writing department. There are no moments of glory (well, arguably one), there is a nice twist to the main character (*cough*incestuous*cough*), but unfortunately the writing is ultimately predictable. Feeling a connection to any of the characters is a hard thing to do here. The fact that in the balancing act between a plot driven and character driven story, this movie failed to be great at either. When one of them should have been the source to lift the other up, both end up not supporting each other. Art (Animation and Sound): The artwork is good, and at times great. There is a bit of artistic overindulgence at the start, but eventually other than my regular qualms (why do trees never move?!), everything is solid all around. The character designs are good (though I am getting tired of purple hair), the motion is fluid, and the setting itself is nice. Each frame does stand on its own, and the soundtrack is rather good. There are moments of ridiculousness (running on benches when there's a floor right there), there is no getting around that. But overall even the action bits are well done, which is extremely important in a piece like this. The sound is good; music is used well, the effects are used smoothly, the voice acting adds character but doesn't go over the top (well, not much). All in all, Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon is a technically strong work in the art department. Still, there isn't enough impact or artistic merit to add to the technical competence here in order to be called truly exceptional. This is film quality, but the vision behind the art doesn't quite translate to anything artistic. The great settings and technically strong work add a lot, but ultimately are too stylized to fit the plot and characters in a way that makes something a complete package. That's where this being a part of a series rather than a stand-alone creation damages this movie. By being consistent with the rest of the series rather than with itself, ultimately the art is great but fails to make Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon memorable. Overall: As a stand-alone piece, while solid, Kara no Kyoukai Movie 6: Boukyaku Rokuon is nothing special. As a part of a series, it does not add to what came before it, but perhaps it might add to what will come later. Since there is the word "movie" in the title, I sadly have to say that it is good, but ultimately a waste of time to watch. What a shame.

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