The Fire Hunter

Alt title: Hikari no Ou

TV (10 eps)
3.292 out of 5 from 466 votes
Rank #10,313

A great forest, infested with flameling creatures and other fallen beasts, covers the world, and pockets of humanity live in small protected communities. Due to a special weapon used in the Last War, human beings spontaneously burst into flame when merely getting close to a small source of fire. The only safe energy source for humanity lies within the bodies of flamelings, and the duty to hunt them falls to the sickle-wielding firecatchers who brave the depths of the great forest. Touko, a young girl from a paper-making town, finds herself in the forbidden forest, assailed by flamelings, when a flamecatcher rushes to protect her. In another place, a young capital-born boy named Koushi shelters his younger sister after losing his mother to factory poison.

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Fire hunter is the most interesting and one of the best of the non sequels this season but it does have problems. first the animation is very inconsistent depending on scene and epsiode after 5 it becomes much better, but it starts off rough. the sound is pretty good the characters are interesting the main cast is solid and most side characters are good as well. the story now is all over the place it starts off strong then once the true conflict comes into view you go from having a good idea of whats happening to damn near zero ill go deeper later but the "last" episode had a couple "Wat" moments. So there is a 2nd season/part already announced(almost every show this season seems to have a sequel planned already its great) that being said i do reccommend pending the 2 season. Still do the 3-4 episode test if the animation is what pushing you away stick with it it does get better, if you dont like the initial story world or characters then drop it. otherwise your in for a fairly interesting ride. now heres the more detailed spoiler free review  Ok the animation i really want it to be good the style is great, it looks like they tried to use the style of woodblock printing especially with most backgrounds. although i could be pulling that out my ass. regardless when they are on top of the quality it looks seriously great but when they arent it looks like little jimmy's refrigerator art. which is bummer there's also these seemingly random varied colored stills during certain scenes which although they look nice just throw you out of whatever scene its on faster than a light switch.  The sound is pretty good i liked the OP, ep was meh and the overal world fills fleshed out and livley, factories make noise, birds chirp, rain is loud etc the characters for the most part are great right up until the end.every persistent character expect for the forest boy are driving their fascet of their story/goal. its a very refreshing thing to see they have human reactions the characters grow and change. Truly great work on the most of the characters. until the end there are 3 characters 1 being the forest boy the rest being to spoilerery just do the most mind boggling changes out of nowhere. although the boy is annoying because he feels like a lazy mcguffin only used for one moment at the end. the 1 of the 2 unnamed characters will hopefully be explained in the second season. but the biggest offender really makes no sense and im not sure how they could even explain it. we'll see though.  the story, starts off as a journey out of a small unwkown village with a few hobbits..wait a second, yes the story starts in very unassuming manner but quickly ramps up as the story progresses. as i said earlier the characters actualy drive the story except for a few moments in the first half which means that every time you see a main character the story is progressing. there also isnt as much tell dont show exposition dumps and more show dont tell which is all very great  it lets us actually watch whats happening not being told what is occuring. BUT if the show fails to explain the few (although big) questions raised in the last episode then that will be a problem.  this was a bit more long winded but i did enjoy fire hunter so unless season 2 is a train wreck i for sure reccommend it. if you do watch i hope you enjoy and for everyone who made it this far have a good one!

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