The Faraway Paladin 2nd Season

Alt title: Saihate no Paladin 2nd Season

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.88 out of 5 from 2,211 votes
Rank #1,672
The Faraway Paladin 2nd Season

The second season of The Faraway Paladin.

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A very solid season. I can't really think of much to say outside of the final boss fight (Spoilers ahead). I don't know if it's just me but I grew up starting off with anime that have rather high-quality fight scenes. Where you don't necessarily get music or some epic finale. The fight scenes I typically see in my anime are often drawn-out, long, sometimes they end up in a tie. For this reason, whenever I do see a more average fight scene, it always makes me wonder "but wouldn''t it be better if it was more slow and gruesome? Or at least more drawn out?". I understand that in order to stay within the 12-episode format, that the studio has to cut corners here or there, but even so, I find it sorta boring how there''s always a compulsory "power leap" that happens when the protagonist of average anime faces an "impossible challenge". Instead of the writer carefully thinking of a way that the protagonist could savagely and aggressively cut up the more-powerful-than-them opponent, in such a way that they get lucky enough to where they actually come out on top... It's like when you face an extremely difficult boss in a video game, and your game is already set to the hardest difficulty, there's usually ways to get lucky or go around the fact that your sword deals close to 0 damage. From my experience, that would usually involve stacking buff effects: having a secord party buff you up too, buffing yourself up, using special-grade potions, using every and ANY trick in the book in order to grab at the enemy's weakest points, in order to maximise your damage output. Min-maxing your character in order to overcome that one specific challenge. Having to fight the enemy perfectly, micro-managing your stamina, working as part of a team. Is there any Isekai Anime out there that actually does any of that? Or is the Isekai genre specifically designed to be lazy and uninspired? Or is it maybe because animating a more realistic fight scene vs a dragon would be too difficult? Too costly? I dunno. But even despite having seen hundreds of anime in my life, I still can't get used to it when we see the dragon fighting in this very unnatural way, as if the party of heroes is fighting a terrible AI as opposed to an actual INTELLIGENT and EXPERIENCED life-form. They somewhat make the attempt here, but as usual, this life-form is toying with its prey, it seeks entertainment over victory, despite what was said about the dragon in previous episodes...  I was fully on-board with the civilised discussions, however as always, the protagonist receives help or gets some very expected buff, instead of using their own current strength in order to overcome the challenge. Instead of masterful choreography like in the Naruto/Boruto-verse, we yet again get a fight scene that just... doesn't really do anything differently from most other anime out there. I love the anime overall, but final boss scenes always bother me when they are basic like that. English is not my first language so I may have conveyed certain things poorly, sorry if I did.

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