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Following the war against Albion, Saito has returned to the Tristain Academy and is becoming increasingly closer to Louise. However, their newfound tranquillity is shattered when one day, the runes on the back of Saito’s hand disappear. Saito is now free from being Louise’s familiar, but not from her ‘explosive’ temper. Nevertheless, Saito refuses to leave Louise’s side and pledges to help her find a way to renew their contract and regain his powers. Soon, while on a mission to find the elf that revived Saito during the final battle against Albion, the duo encounters the mysterious Sheffield: a familiar of another void magic user. Why is Sheffield pursuing the pair and what plans does her master have for them?

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(Sub) The Familiar’s Mark image

Episode 1

(Sub) The Familiar’s Mark

(Sub) The Fairy of the Forest image

Episode 2

(Sub) The Fairy of the Forest

(Sub) Return of the Hero image

Episode 3

(Sub) Return of the Hero

(Sub) The Conspicuous New Student image

Episode 4

(Sub) The Conspicuous New Student

(Sub) The Alluring Girl’s Bath image

Episode 5

(Sub) The Alluring Girl’s Bath

(Sub) Forbidden Magic Powder image

Episode 6

(Sub) Forbidden Magic Powder

(Sub) The Sleipnir Ball image

Episode 7

(Sub) The Sleipnir Ball

(Sub) Pursuit Aboard the Ostland image

Episode 8

(Sub) Pursuit Aboard the Ostland

(Sub) Tabitha’s Little Sister image

Episode 9

(Sub) Tabitha’s Little Sister

(Sub) Mountain Pass On the Border image

Episode 10

(Sub) Mountain Pass On the Border

(Sub) Captive in Alhambra image

Episode 11

(Sub) Captive in Alhambra

(Sub) Wings of Freedom image

Episode 12

(Sub) Wings of Freedom

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Szwagier's avatar
Szwagier Nov 24, 2009
Score 3.8/10

Before I start I must warn you, that this review is written, with an assumption that reader watched previous 2 seaons. I won't hesitate with major spoilers of the preceeding shows, so if you haven't seen them then you might reconsider further reading.Even the greatest can make a blunder, and past glory won't save them from it. A succesful brand with large fanbase. A 2 seasons, that receive positive feedback... read more

Komirai's avatar
Komirai Aug 5, 2012
Score 7/10

Zero no Tsukaima ~Princesses no Rondo~ is a romance comedy harem series and is the third animation adaptation of the Zero no Tsukaima series. Not long after the War with Albion, the runes from Saito's hand somehow vanish causing him to lose the Gandalfr power and his bound with Louise. In order to find an answer on what cause the loss of Saito's runes, they search for the Elf (Tiffania Westwood) who was... read more

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